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Join Cheryl Field at LeadingAge Annual Meeting Oct. 29

Security Spotlight: Fake Program Updates

PDPM and Five-Star Staffing Prediction; primeVIEW Mobile App Debut at AHCA/NCAL Conference

Prime Care Technologies Enhances primeVIEW Application for Post-Acute Providers with Mobile, plus PDPM and Five Star Staffing Prediction

Join Cheryl Field at AHCA for Mandated Programs Beyond PDPM Oct. 15

Security Spotlight: Password Spraying

Join Cheryl Field for CMS Mandated Programs Session at THCA Sept. 16

NIC Fall Conference: Technologies to keep you on trend and cost-efficient in 2020

Prime Care Technologies’ PBJ Reporting and Forecasting Solution Provides Staffing Star Assurance for Post-Acute Providers

NASUAD HCBS: A More Satisfying Solution for EVV - Booth 108

NPR Highlights Telehealth Benefits to Rural Americans

Senior Care 360: The Right Tools for Value-Based Care

CWF Eligibility Systems to Sunset Fall 2019; HETS Access Required

Cheryl Field Cited as Group Contributor to PDPM Parody in McKnight's

Join Cheryl Field for Executive PDPM Session at THCA June 25

Adopting Telehealth to Change Your Game

Telehealth Summit 2019: Improving Quality Outcomes Across Continuing Care

Cheryl Field quoted in McKnight's regarding PDPM

Exercise caution with voice assisted devices and HIPAA-protected information

Intermountain Healthcare among many using telehealth to improve patient care

Cornerstone Healthcare chooses primeVIEW to oversee 15 facilities

Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze on Five Star Staffing? (McKnight's Guest Blog)

Happy National Skilled Nursing Care Week!

LTC 100: Helping you reinvent your roadmap to success

The Case for Predictive Analytics

Let's talk technology at AHCA/NCAL Spring CEO Conference May 1-3

Let's connect at OHCA Convention and Expo April 29-May 2

Join us at MatrixCare Directions Booth 313, April 24-26

Cheryl Field quoted in recent McKnight's operator data article

Join PDPM & Five Star Sessions with Cheryl Field at LNHA Spring Conference - April 30

The 16th Annual SPADD Conference April 29-30

Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference April 15-17

Microsoft to Sunset Windows 7 in January 2020

April 16 Webinar: Survey & Staffing & Quality, Oh My! Five Star Changes from CMS

AHCA/NCAL Independent Owner Leadership Conference March 20-22

RUSH Act to Propose Incentives for Using Telehealth

PDPM Webinar Follow-Up: Technology can help; ask about primeVIEW

Is Office 365 the right choice for your organization?

March 7 Webinar: A C-Suite Blueprint for PDPM

[Webcast] Is required meal break reporting breaking you? We have a solution for that!

U.S. Health and Human Services Cites 5 Most Relevant Cyber Threats

Prime Care sweetens compliance; visit at Medicaid Managed Care Summit (Feb 26-27)

Let's Connect at Feb 20-22 NIC Spring Conference

Is required meal break reporting breaking you? We have a solution for that!

[On-Demand Webinar] 3-Prong Preparation Strategy for HIPAA Audits

[Webinar] 3-Prong Preparation Strategy for HIPAA Audits

[Media] - LTC minds meet and voila! — $3.5B in savings - McKnight's

[On-Demand Webinar] Making the Shift to the New PDPM and the Role of Technology

[Webinar] Making the Shift to the New PDPM and the Role of Technology

[Media] - LTC operators could see increases of up to 30% in liability insurance

[Event] CAHF Annual Convention and Expo - Booth 1004

[Media] - Upcoming HIPAA audits to use harsher investigative tools - McKnight's

[Media] The price of admission - McKnight's

[Event] National Association of Medicaid Directors Fall Conference - Booth 40

[News] Bria Health Services Adds primeFORCE JobCenter and Automates Hiring Process for 13 Midwest Facilities

[Event] THCA Annual Conference - Booth 222; PDPM Session with Cheryl Field

[Event] 2018 PointClickCare Summit - Booths 101-108

[Event] 2018 National Investment Center (NIC) Fall Conference

[Media] Cheryl Field cited in McKnight's "Tech-Policy Junction"

[Event] New Hampshire Health Care Association Fall Conference & Trade Show - Booth 305

[On-Demand Webinar]: The Virtual Mental Health Revolution: Improving Outcomes and Revenue

[Event] National Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Conference - Booth 704

[Media] McKnight’s: Telehealth Offered to Communities

[PR + Webinar] Introducing the Assisted Living Cost Calculator + Webinar Today!

[PR] Prime Care Technologies and Complete Telehealth Solutions LLC Offer Resident Telehealth Services to Post-Acute Market

[On-Demand Webinar]: When Five Star Aligns: CMS Audits and Your PBJ Data

[PR] Prime Care Technologies Adds Deeper Clinical Insight to primeVIEW Post-Acute Business Intelligence Dashboard

[PR] Prime Care Technologies Announces Insurance Services Through primeFORCE and Willis Towers Watson

[Media] McKnight’s - Gaining or slipping? Cheryl Field weighs in on tech adoption in senior care

[On-Demand Webinar]: Hiring Faster & Better with High-Performing Online Tools

[On-Demand Webinar]: You can still get "The Naked Truth" Behind Insurance Cards

[Webinar] The Naked Truth Behind Insurance Cards

ASD/EVV Showcase: Vendor-Neutral Aggregator answers compliance concerns

[Event] Top Takeaways from LTC 100

[Event] Check out our EVV solution at May 7 Applied Self-Direction Workshop

[Media] McKnight’s: Prime Care taps partner for app rollout

[Event] OHCA Annual Conference

[Event] LTC 100

[On Demand Webinar] 5 Ways to Accelerate Your HIPAA Compliance (HIPAA One Demo)

[PR] Pathway Health Selected as Training and Implementation Partner for Managed Care MASTER Application

[PR] Prime Care Technologies Promotes Joe Brown to VP Sales, Marketing and Customer Success

[Webinar] 5 Ways to Accelerate Your HIPAA Compliance

[PR] Prime Care Technologies Partners with HIPAA One for HIPAA Risk Analysis

[Media] Cheryl Field Cited in McKnight's "By the numbers"

[Webinar On-Demand] Four Ways to Nurture Your Managed Care Revenue

[Media] McKnights: Top 7 Takeaways from the AHCA Quality Summit

[News] Mission Health Communities Optimizes Managed Care Stays and Reimbursement with Managed Care Master

[Media] McKnights: Managed Care App Spreads Reach Within Post-Acute Market

[PR] Prime Care Technologies Announces Affiliate Managed Care Group and Availability of Managed Care Reimbursement App

[Event] 2018 NIC Spring Investment Forum

[News] Superior Healthcare Management Accelerates Productivity with primeVIEW Performance Dashboard

[News] Cheryl Field Cited in McKnight's "An IT Game Changer"

[News] Vendor-Neutral EVV Repository from Prime Care Technologies Cited as Solution for State Compliance

[Event] AHCA LTC Expert Sessions Resources Available

[Event] Onsite at AHCA Booth 725 with Cheryl Field, plus LTC Expert Sessions

[Event] AHCA Oct 16-17 News Brief

[Event] Gearing up for AHCA Oct 16-17

[Event] Visit Our Virtual Booth During McKnight's Fall On-line Expo

[VIRTUAL TRADESHOW] Transform Operational Drag into Excellence - Aug 2-3

[Webinar] - Meeting Top Five Expectations for Post-Acute Leadership

[Webinar] Encore - Best Practices in LTPAC Revenue Cycle Management

[Webinar On-Demand] Best Practices in LTPAC Revenue Cycle Management

[Webinar] Best Practices in LTPAC Revenue Cycle Management

[Blog] Ever been asked "How do you measure up?"

[On-Demand Webinar] OIG Workplan: Your Key to SNF Compliance

[On Demand Webinars] The Administrator/Executive Key: Efficiently Managing Stakeholders, Facilities & Staff

Business Intelligence and ACOs

[Webinar] Join our Webinar for LTPAC Administartors and Executives

[Webinar] OIG Workplan: Your Key to SNF Compliance

[Event] AHCA Regional Multi-Facility CEO Council Dinner

[Event] NHHCA 2017 Spring Conference

[Event] Visit Our Virtual Booth This Week

[On Demand Webinar] The CXO Key: Efficiently Managing Stakeholders, Facilities & Staff

[Media] McKnight's - 6 PBJ Tips to Consider Before Changing Time and Attendance Companies

[News] primeCLAIMS Revenue Cycle Management Just Got Faster!

[Media] Time to update your PBJ system

[Media] NIC : All Eyes on Quality

[Media] McKnight's: IT's the real thing

[Event] Let's Connect at the Leading Age Convention - Booth 5214

[Event] Visit ACHA Booth 230 and Chief Product Officer's Sessions

[PR] Cheryl Field joins Prime Care Technologies as Chief Product Officer

[9/19-21 EVENT] Connect with us at SHINE Senior Care Executive Summit

[PR] CHAMPS & Procurement Partners Launch Supply Chain Technology Contract for E-Commerce Portal

[Media] McKnight’s: Nursing home settlement spurs HHS to investigate small health data breaches

[On-Demand Webinar] McKnight's "The Key to Unlocking Your Value: Your Data."

[Webinar] "The Key to Unlocking Your Value...Your Data" with McKnight's, BKD and Client, Welcov

[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] Catch Replay of “50 Shades of Data” with Vivage and Mix Solutions

[8/7-11 EVENT] Let’s Connect at the FHCA Annual Conference/Tradeshow

[July 19 Webinar] 50 Shades of Data Webinar with Vivage and Mix Solutions.

[On-Demand Webinar] Pathway Health Co-Hosts: The Life of a Long-Term Care Claim

[Webinar 6/22] 50 Shades of Data Webinar with Vivage and Mix Solutions

[Event] LTPAC HIT Summit 6/26-28; PCT's Russ Hertzberg Speaking

[Media] McKnight’s: Vendors help providers prep for staff-reporting regulation

[Webinar - June 9] Pathway Health Co-Hosts "The Life of a Long-Term Care Claim"

[Blog] Preferred Skilled Nursing Facility Networks: How do you measure up?

[PR] Pathway Health and Prime Care Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership

[On-Demand Webinar] PointRight Co-Hosts "Overcoming PBJ Obstacles and Ensuring Compliance"

[On-Demand Webinar] 4 Pitfalls to Avoid in Your PBJ Planning with SimpleLTC

[May Webinars] PBJ and LTC Claims with SimpleLTC, PointRight and Pathway Health

[Event] LTC 100 Conference Recap

[Blog] The Cloud: Taking the haze out of high tech

[Blog] Payroll-Based Journal reporting – know your solutions vendor

[Media] McKnights: PBJ Platform Debuts

Spotlight on April’s Revenue Cycle Management Blogs

Spotlight on April’s Business Intelligence Blogs

7 ways to spring clean your revenue cycle

Back to BI’s Basics – the challenge, the purpose, and its use in LTC

Secondary payer claims – finding ROI (Reducing Outstanding Income)

[Blog] 8 things you can do now to get ready for PBJ reporting

Spotlight on March's Revenue Cycle Management Blogs

Spotlight on March's Business Intelligence Blogs

Clearinghouse 101 – a re-introduction to automated claims processing

Data-driven decisions – an art and a science?

Ensure Managed Care claims flow smoothly

Time to automate PBJ reporting to meet CMS' 3Q 2016 mandate

3 ways to make sure the back office is running smoothly during absences

How Business Intelligence can help execs stand out in an ACO crowd

The False Claims Act: 8 ways providers can avoid penalties and fines

Business Intelligence can help demonstrate value to referral sources

February primeCLAIMS Blog Spotlight

Investment strategies with BI – demonstrating dominance and strengths

To get paid or not, the answer could be a simple “Yes” or “No” – POA

NIC’s ‘Skilled Nursing Data Initiative’ to help providers get favorable rates

No pain, no gain–not true. 4 ways to deal with claims rejections pain

The impact of the IMPACT Act on providers in 2016 – Be aware

3 unique ways to shorten revenue cycles

Go with the Pros - which KPIs matter most to LTPAC providers

5 ways to empower your AR team through knowledge

The top 3 Business Intelligence trends in Long Term Post-Acute Care

9 Effective Habits Every Biller Should Adopt

Getting BI Buy-off from Your Decision Makers is a Matter of Leadership

Back to the Billing Basics in 2016 - Deductibles, Co-insurances, etc.

Four Ways to Use Business Intelligence Intelligently – that’s the Ticket

Six Resolutions Every AR Manager Should Make

Addressing Senior Living and Care’s 2016 Agendas with BI

What Billers Should Know to Help Jumpstart 2016

So You Think You're Compliant? What's Keeping You Awake?

Do Yourself a Favor - Simplify the Reimbursement Process

Business Intelligence – Be on the Alert

How Well is Your Claims Management Solution Moving Cash Flow?

Business Intelligence – Why Do-It-Yourself is Not For Everyone

Clearinghouse Support – Is It There When You Need It?

Use Data to Build Meaningful Relationships with Your Referral Sources

It’s the Holidays! Have Financial Peace of Mind at This Busy Time

Put an End to the Paper Data Rodeo

Simplifying the Managed Care Claims Process

How Meaningful Data Helps Track QAPI Progress

What You’re Wasting by Processing Secondary Claims Manually

Improve Cash Flow Visibility with Business Intelligence

Taking the Headaches Out of Secondary Claims

4 Ways to Start Turning Business Intelligence into the Right Decisions

Benefits of Business Intelligence to Long-Term Care Providers

How to Handle Claims Rejections

Giving Payers Clean Claims – 11 tips to getting paid faster

How Real-Time Actionable Information Contributes to Real Results

The Importance of Using a Clearinghouse for Secondary Claims

Data Warehousing: Giving Your Data Meaning

Mitigate Shrinking Margins with Revenue Cycle Management

ICD-10 – It’s here. Now what?

NIC’s new ‘Skilled Nursing Data Initiative’ Energizes Lending and Catalyzes Needed Capital

Maintain a solid financial footing through the quagmire of ICD-10 implementation

Prime Care Technologies launches primeFORCE Healthline to reduce call-offs, healthcare claims, and turnover

Prime Care Technologies launches a comprehensive solutions platform for LTPAC

Complying with CMS reporting requirements can be easy

Improve claims turnaround and business processes – a case study

Reporting Automation is Key to ACA Compliance for Large Employers

ACA Employer Mandate Delays Update - 2015 Is Not That Far Away.

Dealing with the Realities of ObamaCare (ACA)

Update and Improve Medicare Claims Management

Accurate Medicare claims submission & eligibility determination

Focused Disaster Recovery for Health Care

The 411 on Best Billing Practices

The Latest Trends in Long-Term Care Information Technology

Recruiting, Applicant Tracking, and Hiring Management have a new champion - You

Medicare Secondary Payer – 5 Steps to win the race to timely payments

HETS to replace CWF eligibility inquiries in April – no foolin’!

Successful Billing - Doing What’s Right and Write What You Are Doing

The beginning of a new era of procurement automation

Claims scrutiny – getting it right the first time

Providers Discover Hidden Treasures through Data Mining

How automated invoice processing saves time and money

Avoiding Unintentional Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

Business Intelligence Systems Strengthens Accountability

How to leverage cloud computing providers

Leverage B2B e-Commerce through Information Sharing

Technology giving procurement services new looks

Vendors Save with Business-to-Business Procurement Automation

Including IT in Business Continuity Preparedness Is Essential

Save Money by Improving Your Procurement Process

Avoiding Unintentional Fraud

Long Term Care and IT

What are your procurement process resolutions for 2012?

Happy New Year! Find Opportunities through IT

Making the most of Medicare cuts – back to the basics (Part 2)

2011 Blogs in Review – The Role that IT Plays

Making the most of Medicare cuts – back to the basics (Part 1)

No Lunch, No Pay, No Way – Avoiding a Lawsuit

IT helps make Thanksgiving Day a special day!

Getting Paid for Part A Therapy Services

It’s time for IT to step up and save the game!

Procurement – What’s in it for me, the Buyer? (Part II)

eProcurement – What is it? What’s in it for the Buyer? (Part I)

ITAM - What it is and why should providers care

5 Tactics to Becoming the Fittest in the eCommerce Evolution

What ACOs mean to IT – interoperability and infrastructure

Systems and Data Disaster Preparedness

What is the ecommerce evolution?

With Cloud Computing Technologies, the Sky’s the Limit

How a LTC provider leveraged its digital dashboard

BI, Analytics, Problem-Solving, and Winning the LTC Game

5 Ways to say "BI" to Labor Pains - Manage Your Workforce Effectively

BI and Analytics – Decision Support with Real Bottom Line Impact

Discover the Wealth in Business Intelligence through Data Mining

Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses - How to be Without the Enemy Within

Cloud Computing– a Viable Disaster Recovery Option

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