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Hyatt Family Facilities Consolidate Data to Monitor Five Star Metrics

Facilities integrate multiple data streams, start tracking labor to census and submit CMS PBJ reporting with ease.


Hyatt Family Facilities

Serving Yakima Valley in Washington for 4+ generations with 5 SNFs and 2 assisted living communities.



Hyatt's CFO recognized the need for a BI dashboard to consolidate key SNF analytics for their facilities. He asked newly hired COO David Henderson for help finding one, specifically to:

  • Combine census and labor data for a comprehensive view of staffing needs.
  • Replace the tedious process of having field staff collect data and spreadsheets.
  • Streamline analytics and reports, such as CMS-required payroll-based journal (PBJ) reports.

Having used our primeVIEW solution in his previous organization, David arranged a demo and the decision was quickly made to implement it.

"Prediction is kind of essential to managing your business. I knew primeVIEW was the tool we needed to do it."

– David Henderson, COO



time daily (vs monthly) PPD labor monitoring


minutes (or more) increment tracking of daily overtime


day month-over-month comparison of collections

How primeVIEW Helped

With the ongoing development of quality measures impacting Five Star ratings, it became critical for Hyatt Family Facilities to track analytics.

First,  primeVIEW brought labor into view by streaming data from payroll vendors into the analytics dashboard. More importantly, it supplemented labor data with census information from the EHR vendor, creating a comprehensive picture of exactly how to staff each location.

"We try to make as little work as we can for the facility staff, so they can make tomorrow's care better than today's."

Coincidentally, Hyatt's PBJ reporting was due as they were getting set up on primeVIEW. They wondered if they could quickly meet their deadline with the new primeVIEW software. Operators were pleased with the result.

"Generating the PBJ reporting from primeVIEW was easy, and it was our first time achieving a clean submission with no errors or omissions."

– David Henderson, COO

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Again and again, primeVIEW answers the call of organizations comprised of skilled nursing facilities. These facilities face unique pressure to provide high-quality care while sticking within the confines of tight labor budgets. And, primeVIEW is the software that helps them do it.


  • Consolidate old-school reporting from multiple systems/sources.
  • Empower facilities to monitor labor based on census.
  • Easily comply with CMS requests for quarterly PBJ reporting.

Labor Management            

  • Review labor on hours per patient day (hours/PPD) basis. 
  • Monitor multiple times per day instead of using a manual, month-end report

Overtime Management

  • Monitor approaching overtime report toward the end of the week for needed adjustments.
  • Review daily hours/employee report early in the week for those working more than assigned shift.
  • Easily identify employees who worked 15-30 minutes over schedule on the previous day.

Collections and Cash Receipts                       

  • Compare current to previous month collections in five-day increments.
  • Reduce expenses associated with overdue accounts within a 90-day window. 


Future Plans

David and his executive users were pleased with primeVIEW's set-up process and high-level capabilities. We interviewed him just as Hyatt Family Facilities was rolling primeVIEW out to administrators. We look forward to checking back in for feedback from this user group, as they will find additional benefits to help manage day-to-day decisions and ensure high-quality care.


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Beyond labor and census visibility, users find value in other analytics available in primeVIEW, including revenue and collections, as well as clinical trends. Get in touch to see the full power of primeVIEW today!

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