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NIC Fall Conference: Technologies to keep you on trend and cost-efficient in 2020

By Jim Hoey on Mon, Sep 09, 2019 @ 10:40 AM
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NIC Fall Conference 2019

Prime Care Technologies is heading to the NIC 2019 Fall Conference. Rusty Zosel, CEO, Procurement Partners, and I look forward to meeting with post-acute owners and operators to share how we innovate based on today's trends, while increasing operational efficiencies and revenue opportunities, too.

  • primeCLOUD – Managed IT services that increase security and efficiency
  • primeVIEW – Post-acute KPI dashboard that improves operational outcomes - now with PBJ Staffing Star Forecasting
  • primeCOMMERCE (powered by Procurement Partners) – 100% purchasing control and automation that saves you money 
  • primeCLAIMS – Comprehensive claims clearinghouse with automated secondary claim billing
  • primeFORCE Telehealth – Integrated clinical diagnostic equipment and virtual provider networks that help reduce readmissions
  • Managed Care MASTER  – Patient care syncs with payer contracts to optimize managed care reimbursement; physician certification, too

Let's chat at NIC to discuss YOUR specific goals for 2020!

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