Want to Avoid Cyber Sharks? Swim With The School.

Join Willis Towers Watson and Prime Care Tech for this April 14 webinar to get advice on cyber security essentials for small businesses.

Cost of cyber attacks

The cost of a cyber security event can be well into six figures – no matter what size your business is. The top causes...1) human error and 2) ransomware.

Industries impacted

The below industries reported the most cyber claims, but truly, any industry is vulnerable. 

  1. Healthcare
  2. IT and telecom
  3. Insurance
  4. Retail and wholesale
  5. Manufacturing

How can smaller businesses cost-effectively protect?

We've brought together experts in cyber insurance and technology to tell you. Here's our agenda:

  • Trending cyber risks
  • Introduction to cyber insurance
  • Must-have IT protection
  • Supplementing IT with cyber insurance

Webinar takeaways

Simple safeguards to reduce risk can include employee training, work laptop safety, safeguarding sensitive information, and cyber liability policies.

Get schooled on avoiding cyber sharks!

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