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[Media] - LTC minds meet and voila! — $3.5B in savings - McKnight's

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Fri, Dec 14, 2018 @ 12:23 PM


In a recent McKnight's article, a group of LTC stakeholders were asked to uncover wasteful practices, and use of telemedicine ranked among the 'big three' as 'no-brainer' to save $3.5B:

1) Telemedicine not being used system-wide (projected for “at least” $1.3 billion of lost or wasted money each year)

2) Blood transfusions that are mandated by the Medicaid program only (not also Medicare) to be performed only in a hospital setting ($400 million), and

3) End-of-life care that is ill advisedly transferred to a hospital setting ($1.8 billion)

“In the next two to three years, any nursing home that doesn’t adopt telemedicine will not be competitive and economically will lose opportunities,” stated John Whitman, former nursing home administrator and Wharton School of Business professor who convened the cross-section of LTC stakeholders for the study.

Read the McKnight’s article.

Read more about Resident Telehealth Services from primeFORCE. 



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[PR] Prime Care Technologies and Complete Telehealth Solutions LLC Offer Resident Telehealth Services to Post-Acute Market

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Fri, Aug 10, 2018 @ 10:41 AM

Alliance empowers long-term care operators with a 24/7 virtual behavioral health network, plus the ability to do comprehensive behavioral health assessments, elevating the quality of resident care while increasing reimbursement opportunities.

August 10, 2018 - Duluth, GaPrime Care Technologies, Inc., today announced its intent to offer resident telehealth to post-acute care organizations through its primeFORCE affiliate, in conjunction with Complete Telehealth Solutions™ LLC (CTS). CTS offers the largest virtual provider network in the U.S. and the leading HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing. This post-acute service is now available as primeFORCE Resident Telehealth.

This well-established virtual network positions post-acute care operators to extend behavioral, general and emergency physician/provider care directly from their facility. CTS behavioral healthcare providers utilize a seven-dimension behavior assessment that meets the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) standards for reimbursement. Facilities can also purchase supporting equipment and software to create virtual clinics.

Says primeFORCE executive vice president, Joe Stone, “Leveraging CTS network can bring relief to post-acute
executives trying to cost-effectively impact quality of care.” He continues, “In utilizing this telehealth service to
more accurately diagnose emotional problems and prescribe treatment plans, they can reduce readmission rates
and operational costs, while achieving higher satisfaction scores.”

Arthur Cooksey of CTS adds, “Through this alliance, we can better serve the post-acute care population with
our virtual network and behavioral assessments approved by both CMS and private payers.” He continues,
“This improves patients’ total medical and behavioral care, while driving more reimbursement revenue into the
care organization.”

Available to the post-acute care market immediately, primeFORCE Resident Telehealth will also be showcased
to the industry at AHCA’s annual convention in San Diego this October. Additionally, Prime Care
Technologies will host an August 22 webinar, The Virtual Mental Health Revolution: Improving Outcomes and
Revenue Opportunities, featuring Dr. Steve Lower, Founder and CEO of ePsychToday™.

About Prime Care Technologies
Since 2003, Prime Care Technologies has equipped long-term care providers with flexible hosting, managed
services and cloud software that evolve with industry demand. Based in Atlanta with 150 employees and 200+
healthcare/IT partnerships, its technology-driven solutions are installed in 6,500+ facilities. Through its
primeFORCE affiliation, it provides the post-acute care market with HR technology, as well as industry-leading
services to include employee benefits, enterprise risk management and resident telehealth. Learn more at

About Complete Telehealth Solutions LLC
Complete Telehealth Solutions™ (CTS) is a privately held joint venture between Let’s Talk Interactive of
Charlotte, NC and Psychology Associates of Yardley, PA. CTS offers a host of telemedicine solutions and
manages one of the most advanced EAP and Provider networks in the United States. In the Behavioral Health
vertical, CTS has over 13,000 providers, covering all 50 States and Puerto Rico. CTS has a strong suite of products focused on the at-large Medicare/Medicaid audiences. Learn more at http://www.completetelehealth.com.



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