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[PR] PrimeFORCE Benefits Software, Workforce Consulting & Thomas as GM

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Tue, Apr 26, 2022 @ 01:25 PM

DULUTH, GA. (PRWEB) PrimeFORCE announced today the rebranding of its benefits administration platform, EasyBenefits™, to primeBENEFITS. Also a consultant on building cost-efficient employee insurance packages, the company’s newly branded primeBROKERAGE will utilize technology to increase enrollment and the stability of coverage for insurance partners.

PrimeFORCE is also expanding its consulting division through primeSERVICES, offering an expansive list of white-glove services designed to optimize workforce/payroll software from leaders like UKG. Many primeSERVICES clients were acquired through the well-received primeARCHIVE solution, which provides secure storage and access to historical workforce data.

During his recent tenure at Prime Care Technologies as Chief Revenue Officer, Spencer Thomas was integral to the development of primeARCHIVE, which earned the company UKG’s Innovator of the Year Award in 2021. As General Manager at primeFORCE, he will be influencing partner strategy and developing solutions that pair well with our strategic partners. Recently Spencer was invited to join the 2022 UKG Global Alliances Advisory Board (GAAB).

Said Thomas, “I’m excited to grow the primeFORCE brand and reach as we deliver new solutions to new markets.” He continued, “Our collaborative partnership with UKG is constantly opening new doors for our consulting division. We look forward to simplifying benefit administration and workforce management for companies who prefer to manage people, not processes.”

Thomas will shift his responsibilities at Prime Care Technologies to Sales and Marketing Vice President Jae Sparks. The two will continue a close alliance to offer primeFORCE solutions to mutual customers.

Said Sparks, “Prime Care Technologies congratulates Spencer on his new role and looks forward to the opportunity it brings for both companies.” He continued, “The ongoing alliance supports our goal of delivering managed IT services to new markets as well.”

PrimeFORCE is an affiliate of Prime Care Technologies.

About primeFORCE
Founded in 2000 as EasyHRWeb, primeFORCE continues to deliver a best-of-breed employee benefits platform to multiple industries, as well as expert consulting and leading technologies to optimize workforce software while maintaining compliance with legacy systems. Providing personalized peace of mind to customers in more than 40 states, its efficiency-driven workforce solutions put hours back in the day, enabling employers to focus on their best investment, their employees. Visit primeFORCEtech.com.

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[Press Mention] UKG Marketplace Partners Keep People at Center

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Fri, Nov 19, 2021 @ 01:08 PM

In a November press release, UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) calls out Prime Care Technologies as one of its technology partners helping to simplify the technology experience for healthcare employees. By integrating senior care data from our primeVIEW intelligence app into the UKG Dimensions dashboard, we save overburdened administrators from logging into multiple places to evaluate how they can staff enough nurses to meet both census and Five Star rating requirements.

Prime Care is pleased to be among the nearly two-dozen technology partners added to the UKG Marketplace and to in the company of industry leaders like Microsoft. To read more, see UKG Marketplace Partners Keep People at Center of Everyday Experiences.

To learn more about integrating critical KPI data from primeVIEW to UKG Dimensions, visit our UKG Technical Services page and check out this snapshot from the UKG Dimensions dashboard.



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