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Are you securing your castle from cyber criminals?

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Fri, Jul 23, 2021 @ 12:18 PM

We see many ads on TV about protecting our personal information. But what about protecting your business? Protecting your business is just as important. So treat your business like a modern-day castle. Review this Q&A for a quick education on how you can do it.

How can my business be attacked?

  • Ransomware
    • Hackers encrypt your files
    • Work comes to a stop
    • Potentially a permanent file loss
    • Even if you pay, no guarantees
  • Cyber email/extortion
    • Very common as part of ransomware attacks now
    • Steal your files and release them on the dark web if you don’t pay
  • Access your computer system
    • Steal intellectual property or company secrets to sell to competitors
    • Gain access to your bank account; transfer funds
    • If you store/process confidential information, they can sell:
      • Financial – average $6/record
      • Medical – as much as $259/record

How do these attacks impact my organization?

  • Ransom cost to recover data
  • Competitor access to your company secrets
  • Federal/State fines due to loss of confidential information
  • Negative impact on the reputation of your company
  • Criminal negligence charges from State governments


How can I protect our network from hackers?

Think of your organization like it’s a castle from the olden days. What would you need to protect your castle? A high wall, a locked gate, and armed guards inside might help?


How can I build a wall for our 'castle'?

  • Modern and managed firewall
  • Wi-Fi password changed regularly
  • Separate guest and business Wi-Fi with different passwords
  • Antivirus on your servers, laptops and desktops
  • Email protection


How can I lock the gate of our 'castle'?

  • Passwords
    • Require them, change them often
    • Employ multi-factor authorization (MFA)
  • Physical security
    • Lock server and network equipment rooms
    • Encrypt computers/laptops in case of theft
  • Appropriate access
    • Limit access to need to know
    • Extend minimum access necessary
  • Data backups
    • Keep backups of your backups somewhere safe


How can I train staff to guard our 'castle'?  

  • Provide ongoing training, not just for new employees.
  • Conduct phishing awareness training and exercises
  • Train staff on response to suspicious emails, websites, and computer behavior
  • Prepare an incident response plan (IRP) in case you are a victim of an attack

If you need help protecting your castle, get in touch for an IT assessment today.

What's an IT Assessment?

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Prime Care Tech Adds Michelle Burdette as Operations Vice President

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Tue, Jul 13, 2021 @ 11:00 AM

Prime Care Technologies announced today the addition of Michelle Burdette as Vice President of Operations. Michelle now oversees operations for the primeCLAIMS post-acute claims revenue management application and the primeVIEW analytics dashboard for skilled nursing/senior living facilities (SNFs/SLFs). She is responsible for driving adoption, utilization, and retention across the two product lines.

With more than 25 years of experience serving the healthcare/skilled nursing industry as a financial leader, Burdette has overseen multiple software implementations across billing, accounting, and operations groups. Most recently, she was the Chief Financial Officer at Prema Financial Solutions, a back-office consultant to SNF and other healthcare organizations.

Said Prime Care Technologies Chief Operating Officer, Carl Mickiewicz, “Michelle's knowledge of both the operational and financial needs of senior living organizations positions her to meet our ongoing goal of providing senior care operators with decision-driven data applications.”

Added President and CEO, Jim Hoey, “We are pleased to add a highly experienced and qualified team member like Michelle to our operations team. We look forward to her ideas for growing the software and delivering operational efficiency to more senior care clients.”

About Prime Care Technologies

For nearly two decades, Prime Care Technologies has provided senior care operators with integrated business intelligence and software solutions, driving proactive decision-making and the highest quality care. Based in Atlanta with 175 employees and 200+ healthcare/IT partnerships, its technology-driven solutions have been leveraged in 10,000+ facilities. With deep multi-vendor interoperability expertise, including the integration of 70+ healthcare applications and 3,500+ EDI payers, Prime Care Technologies offers the leading data warehouse in post-acute care. Learn more at

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Cyber Security Protection Starts with Employee Training and Passwords

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Thu, Jul 08, 2021 @ 11:05 AM

Are you a small or midsize business (SMB)? Most skilled nursing and senior living organizations find themselves in this category and like all other SMBs, cyber security should be a top concern given that 60% of companies impacted by cyber attacks go out of business. If that gets your attention, you'll be interested to see these related stats.


The onus is on business owners to create a culture of cyber security across the workforce. Make staff feel part of the team when it comes to blocking out attackers -- train them to recognize and avoid threats. Many companies now offer phishing resistance training, which is a great tool to have in your belt.

Lastly, we can't stress enough the importance of password management. It's estimated that 60% of employees use the same password across multiple work and home applications. Educate them on creating better ones, automate your password expiration policy and consider multi-factor authorizations (MFAs).

If you're feeling vulnerable, take our cyber security self-audit to see if you've got cyber security basics in place. If you've got weaknesses, we can help.

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AHCA/NCAL: 94% SNFs and ALFs Still Face Staff Shortages

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Fri, Jun 25, 2021 @ 05:10 PM

COVID's toll on senior care, unfortunately, extends beyond precious lives lost to the loss of valuable staff, according to the AHCA/NCAL Survey on Workforce Challenges. It's a headache for administrators and an energy suck for staff working more days or longer shifts to fill the gap. If you're facing these challenges, we've got some ideas!

Rebuilding Staff

Incentives and support
  • Consider bonuses and extra time off (e.g., mental health days, extra PTO)
  • Partner with nearby child care providers on discounted programs
  • Build support groups for common challenges – parenting, child/pet care, transportation, fitness, emotional health, etc.
  • Foster a collaborative environment where opinions are heard
  • Communicate often and using various channels – posters, emails, text, chat, meetings

Adaptive hiring and training
  • Streamline hiring/onboarding – 'there's an app for that!'
  • Consider RMTs and HHAs as fill-ins in for CNAs
  • Recruit/incent EMTs for nurses aid positions
  • Provide tuition assistance and continuing ed
  • Offer work/practice programs for nurses/others
  • Offer mentor program for new hires
  • Build growth tracks and leadership opportunities

Supportive workforces
  • Partner with telehealth providers
  • Consider travel nurses
  • Build volunteer programs/relationships

Combating Fatigue

Increased Check-Ins and Communications
  • Conduct more all-hands calls and use them to recognize staff efforts
  • Consider random check-ins with communities 2-3 times a week
  • Support efforts with staff newsletters and websites

  • Welcome staff to work; thank them as they leave
  • Offer virtual breaks, include games and contests
  • Host parking lot events/parades with food, buttons, leader drop-ins (even virtual)

  • Offer 'hero' pay, extra PTO, flexible schedules
  • Increase employee appreciation budgets and keep rewards flowing
  • Follow-up with personal notes and certificates from leadership

Diversity and Equality
  • Drive diversity and equality to recruiting and development
  • Offer active listening sessions for employees to share experiences
  • Create employee-led diversity, inclusion, and belonging council


  • Shelve non-priority tasks and assignments
  • Offer employee webinars for stress, parenting, protecting self/family/residents, etc.
  • Partner employees up for 'listening with empathy' or 'staff buddy' programs

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

It's been a challenging time for senior caregivers, but just remember how far you've come. The pandemic has brought previously overlooked challenges to light, empowering advocates to drive more focus to strengthen the workforce in SNFs and ALFs. 

As always, technology can help. If you don't know how your staffing stands on a weekly basis, or if you're trending toward overtime or not enough nursing hours, talk to us about our SNF/ALF analytics dashboard, primeVIEW.

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Documentation Critical to CMS Claims, Patient Care and Medical Reviews

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Thu, Jun 17, 2021 @ 04:10 PM

As outlined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Complying with Medical Record Documentation Requirements remains critical to senior care success.

Proper documentation:

  • Helps patients get reasonable and necessary items/services
  • Facilitates proper claim payment
  • Supports favorable medical review decisions

Specific to claims reimbursement, CMS identified the top five reasons for errors. Note, two are related to documentation. 


So, what does insufficient documentation mean?

  • It does NOT mean documentation doesn’t exist.
  • It means something was incomplete or missing at claim submission.

And, what are the consequences of improper documentation?

Improper documentation disrupts the revenue cycle, which results in loss of financial revenue. CMS claim denials also cost your staff time, requiring them to:

  • Complete forms
  • Submit additional documentation
  • Send a letter explaining why the claim should be paid
  • Resubmit claim

Secondarily, if your order for item/service is illegible, your patient care suffers.

What are some tips for improved documentation?

  • Send ALL associated documentation supporting the item/service billed
    • Some information may come from a prior claim or test
    • If you're not sure if certain documentation is required, send it anyway
  • Send the documentation by the deadline indicated in the request
  • Review documentation to make sure it:
    • Answers who, what, when, why, and how
    • Verifies item/service was performed
    • Verifies medical necessity

Where can I get more information regarding CMS claims errors, including documentation?

Lastly, senior care and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) can greatly simplify claims revenue management by employing a system customized for this industry, and supported by seasoned claims professionals. Get in touch if we can help.

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