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By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Sun, Mar 12, 2023 @ 01:00 PM

64% of Medicaid enrollees are unaware of the decision for redeterminations this spring!

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 disengages with the Medicaid continuous enrollment provision.  The termination of the provision is planned to start on April 1, 2023, and the states will then begin Medicaid disenrollment. Over half of the applicants have yet to be included in the loop. This is due to many factors, including lack of updated information, language barriers, and accessing information in needed formats, to name a few. Not enough people are receiving the data and will be disenrolled from having Medicaid. “The risk is that if the message is not delivered loudly and often, millions of people will simply lose coverage.” (Marissa Plescia,

The U.S.  Department of Health and Human Services has predicted that about 15 million people nationwide could lose coverage when this happens! The 15 million may include your aunt, friend's grandmother, neighbor's sister, or anyone you might know.

According to CMS, states must develop operational plans for implementing the process.  The Georgetown University Health Policy Institute has provided a tracking map. The tracker shows that 41 states have a public plan. 

What is being done?

  • Planned State Actions
  • Streamlined renewal processes.
  • Outreach through community health centers

What can you do?

  • Update your contact information. 
  • Check your mail.
  • Complete your renewal form. 

In the meantime, try to stay in the know and watch what your state might be doing next. Look at the tracking map and see who else you can inform. With Spring quickly approaching, time is of the essence and can’t be wasted! Start talking and informing your loved ones.




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By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Sat, Feb 18, 2023 @ 04:00 PM

It has been three years since the COVID-19 outbreak and the unfortunate labor shortage struggle continues. We have created different alternatives that have allowed us to continue life as we once knew it. But the question is how are companies able to adapt to this labor shortage and how do they come out on the other side stronger than ever? These labor insufficiencies have affected the nursing population tremendously and are now trickling into the world of IT.

Sadly, healthcare industries took a heavy hit with this. Staffing poverties are nothing new for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), yet it is highly unfortunate. When there is a staffing shortage not only does that overwork the staff that is already available, it puts a strain on the company as a whole. These businesses are unsure how to improve the facility crisis or how to properly prevent it!

IT industries are experiencing staffing shortages as well due to non-flexible work hours, a lack of remote working options, feeling under-appreciated, and even the possibility of a toxic work environment. According to "A whopping 85% said they felt their company focused more on attracting new talent than investing in existing staff. It is estimated that the demand for IT specialists will increase by 22%." This is a much faster increase than any other occupation and can result in nearly 85 million tech talent shortages! However, primeCLOUD can provide the staff augmentation you are yearning for during these critical times.

Companies are always evolving and changing. People come and go, but what if you have staff resign unexpectedly? It happens. This same scenario recently happened to a company we partnered with. A senior networking staff member had resigned and the company did not have a backup plan. Luckily, we were their backup plan as our company was able to provide the work they needed to fill that position. Why replace a hard worker with a supplemented lack of talent quick hire? Rely on us to fill in the gaps when needed with high-quality and skilled technicians!

There are many different risks of labor shortages such as workplace injuries, product liability, and even property! To assist with the lack of time and resources, many healthcare facilities are upgrading to technologically advanced resources. Some are even installing automatic monitoring devices to provide simple and accurate contactless monitoring. These innovative monitoring devices can help provide a variety of vital signs and bio-data features along with indications in a continuous, contactless, and passive manner. With these technology upgrades, proper installation is necessary. Our expert technicians can come to the site and complete those jobs for you as well. 

primeCLOUD can provide over-the-phone assistance as they work effortlessly around the clock 24/7. Aside from primeCLOUDs impeccable 24/7 service, we also can provide network monitoring assistance that oversees problems such as slow traffic or component failure. Allow us to be your boots-on-the-ground service when needed. We provide the tech, so you can provide the care.

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[News!] primeclaims, company of the year 2022!

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Tue, Feb 07, 2023 @ 04:12 PM


PrimeCLAIMS Clearinghouse Propels Proclaim Partners to "Company of the Year"

The Financial Services Review has awarded ProClaim Partners “Company of the Year in its Claims Processing Solutions Providers category for 2022,” for outstanding innovation with its primeCLAIMS clearinghouse.  We are honored to be acknowledged for the technology and performance we bring to Post Acute Care and other industry claims processing.

When healthcare billers transitioned out of COVID, they had to do more with less. In 2022, primeCLAIMS streamlined the claims process, creating a higher standard of superior performance through technology.

Jonathan Duvall, Senior Director of Product Management, says, “Our goal is to provide software that goes beyond processing claims and integrates into an organization’s revenue cycle workflow. By studying workflow, primeCLAIMS delivers an intuitive experience to get companies paid every dollar for every day of patient care.”

- primeCLAIMS Clearinghouse facilitates seamless electronic claim submissions by automating the claims handling process.

- primeCLAIMS Sequential Billings compares month-to-month billing through side-by-side, claim-to-claim comparisons to detect discrepancies.

- primeCLAIMS Enhanced Aging lets you compare what was billed VS what was paid and highlights discrepancies of missing payments.

- primeCLAIMS EzDDE enables billers to edit hundreds of lines quickly and move to the next claim - saving up to 30 minutes per claim.

PrimeCLAIMS continues to work towards innovations and deliver technologies that focus on billers. Don't hesitate to contact Jae Sparks VP of Sales & Marketing, at 770-543-0473, to schedule a demo.

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[PR] PrimeFORCE Expands Its UKG Practice with Senior Director of Operations, Bryan Jackson

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Tue, Jan 17, 2023 @ 03:30 AM


primeFORCE, a leader in enterprise technology workforce and consulting solutions, announced today the expansion of its UKG (formerly Kronos, Inc.) consulting practice with the hiring of Bryan Jackson. He will serve as Senior Director of Operations and continue the rapid expansion of the company's UKG services and consulting practice.

As Senior Director of Operations, Bryan will bring over two decades of IT consulting and workforce management experience, including 20 years at UKG in Workforce Solutions, Presales, and Presales Management roles. Prior to joining primeFORCE, Bryan led the UKG service delivery and solutions divisions for a global consulting firm specializing in digital transformation. With experience in management and individual contributor roles, Bryan is well-versed in the end-to-end customer acquisition and delivery methodologies that drive customer success and retention. His deep knowledge of legacy and current UKG WFM and HCM solutions will provide guidance for the primeFORCE team to create game-changing technology that complements our full-service offerings.

primeFORCE is uniquely positioned by offering both services and technology for UKG customers. On the professional services side, customers looking to implement, optimize, or partner through a managed services arrangement can work with a team that offers domain knowledge specific to their industry. The primeARCHIVE solution, which earned UKG’s Innovation of the Year, provides technology that enables customers to store and easily access historical WFM and HCM data securely -- the result is delivering a turnkey solution for UKG customers migrating from Workforce Central to UKG Dimensions.

"With the rapid growth we delivered at the end of 2022 and the additional expansion plans for 2023, it was important to add another experienced leader," said Doug Montgomery, Vice President of primeFORCE. "Having worked with Bryan across the past 17 years, I am directly aware of the focus he has for delivering quality outcomes for customers, positively impacting their business results, and willingness to take on any challenge. I could not be more excited about the unique value our customers will gain from this addition to our team."

"primeFORCE is proud to offer its comprehensive and experienced UKG specialists and certified consultant team to the marketplace. Our goal is to be the premier UKG Services Partner to industries across the U.S.," said Montgomery. "We continue to broaden our value-add within the UKG customer community, guiding them to optimize their UKG solutions, and deepening our valuable partnership with UKG."

Tens of thousands of organizations and more than 40 million people in over 100 countries use UKG solutions for their workforce management and human capital management needs. primeFORCE is attending the 2023 UKG Healthcare Executive Summit West/East, Service and Distribution Executive Summit, Manufacturing Executive Summit, and Retail Hospitality & Food Service Executive Summit.

About primeFORCE
primeFORCE became an affiliate of Prime Care Technologies in 2014. In 2022, it merged its best-of-breed employee benefits platform with UKG consulting, Data Archiving and leading technologies to help clients optimize workforce software while maintaining compliance with legacy systems. Providing personalized peace of mind to customers in more than 40 states, its efficiency-driven workforce solutions put hours back in the day, enabling employers to focus on their best investment, their employees.  Visit


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[RECAP] Take-Aways from Fall Industry Events for Senior Care

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Fri, Dec 02, 2022 @ 02:01 PM

Our team actively connected with many of you while attending events including the NIC Fall Conference, AHCA Annual Conference, LeadingAge Annual Conference, PointClickCare, SummitSenior Living Innovation Forum (SLIF), and CAHF Annual Conference. Each one enlightened our understanding of your challenges and how we can shape our technologies to meet your needs. Below, find highlights of a few of these.

NIC Fall Conference

At NIC, we heard a bit about the economical and financial outlook for the upcoming months, and picked up on their positive vibes around now being a great time to invest in senior housing, as well as a good time to reposition the marketing around senior housing. But, the big takeaway was…there is a rapidly growing active senior segment and serving the needs of this population will be key to success.

AHCA Annual Conference

Mark Parkinson assured senior care operators, saying ‘government is not going to let our sector fail’ and ‘recovery is possible’ and sharing these inspirational stats:

  • 30% of sector is at or above pre-pandemic census
  • 1/3 of sector is not using staffing agency

His advice for recovery is simple:

  • Don’t quit – keep going
  • Commit to top performance (hint: it’s about leadership and culture!)
  • Fight and be active

He left us with a quote from Winston Churchill, “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” Translation, we as an industry now control our future.

And, we left you with a new solution for ensuring you get paid every dollar, every day for the care you provide. If we didn’t connect, read more about primeVIEW’s Century Therpy Plus module, which assures clinical and therapy assessments are always in alignment.

Download Summary

LeadingAge Annual Conference

LeadingAge touched upon what we learned from COVID and two take-aways that resonated for us were:

  • Technology may have been ‘nice to have’ pre-COVID, but it became essential during and will remain so moving forward.
  • Senior care operators realized the challenges of disparate technology platforms and data, which makes vendors who easily integrate key partners in gaining efficiency

We concur and we’re here to be both your guide, and your single source for integrated data and technology. We told you about our Century Rehab therapy data integration above, but we also announced a key integration with PointClickCare – two-way EHR intergration for more accurate and expedited claims processing via primeCLAIMS.

Request Replay

PointClickCare Summit

PrimeVIEW’s Customer Experience Manager, Tara Vantroost captures the spirit of what this and all events brought for us this year. Her favorite part was “not only giving hugs to so many people [she] has worked with over the years and finally putting a face with a name, but also being able to see the excitement on new prospective clients’ faces when they see what the dashboard actually does!” Tara strives to make your experience with primeVIEW exceptional and enjoys feedback from all prospects so we can always provide the best services.

Jonathon Duvall, our Senior Director of Product Management, also spoke at PCC Summit with Century Rehabilitation CEO Tammy Tuminaro about how staffing can have a significant impact on how your facilities are perceived. Did you know primeVIEW allows you to calculate your current staffing stars’ trajectory, be alerted to 1-star warnings, and calculate turnover and weekend staffing during the quarter to course correct before submitting data to CMS.

Need to see the dashboard? Want to see the future of the stars?

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The Best Takeaways

Leverage primeVIEW see the changes in your operational data over time and across facilities to uncover meaningful information. By offering your staff near real-time access anytime online they can better understand the how, what, where, and when so they can spend more time on the how!

Rely on primeCLAIMS to automate and simplify the tedious processes associated with ensuring you get reimbursed for the dedicated care hours you provide to your communities. The efficiency our claims app brings will reduce the staff and time needed to make sure you get paid every dollar, every day.

Together we can better serve long-term, post-acute communities!



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