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[RECAP] AHCA/NCAL Response to State of the Union

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Fri, Mar 11, 2022 @ 02:04 PM

On March 4, AHCA/NCAL held a Post-State of the Union call as a response to President Biden’s proposals for nursing homes. Here's the replay link, as well as our summary of what was discussed.

In general, don't panic! 

  • Major reforms often fail in Congress
  • Rulemaking takes time
  • Some of the proposals require Congressional action
  • AHCA/NCAL is working on a response plan

Proposed for Nursing Homes

Quality Measures

  • Phase-out rooms with 3 or more beds
  • Reduce inappropriate use of antipsychotics
  • SNF Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) includes more staffing and resident experience measures

Readiness for Pandemics

  • Continue to support COVID testing
  • Continue to support vaccine efforts
  • Review on-site infection control rules and increase the standards
  • Review emergency preparedness rules to improve readiness


Proposed for CMS


  • Create a new database of building owners and operators
  • Make Nursing Home Compare easier to understand
  • Examine the role of REITS and private equity


  • Make nurse aide training cheaper
  • Support state training programs
  • Work with Dept. of Labor to launch a national campaign for recruiting, training, retaining, and transitioning workers to long-term care.

Proposed Oversight

  • Add $500 million for survey inspections
  • Change Special Focus Facility Program
  • Increase civil fines (CMP) to $1million
  • Consider CMPs on a per diem basis
  • Congress to develop standards for chain owner participation in Medicare/Medicaid
  • Congress to give CMS more authority to validate data and enforce incorrect reporting


AHCA/NCAL Plan of Response

  • Determine what AHCA/NCAL can support
  • Determine which proposalsAHCA/NCAL might make more acceptable
  • Try to kill proposals AHCA/NCAL can’t modify or support
  • Question Minimum Staffing Study
    • Where can nursing homes find the workers?
    • What’s their implementation timeline?
    • What are the penalties for non-compliance?

As you may have seen this week, the AHCA/NCAL action plan is already underway. AHCA/NCAL contacted the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to outline their position and request a meeting.

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