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The beginning of a new era of procurement automation

By Rusty Zosel on Wed, Oct 03, 2012 @ 10:00 AM

iStock_000011704687XSmall-resized-600Procurement automation has opened the door to opportunities not only to reduce costs, but to improve efficiency and to ensure quality consistency. Think of it this way, as the one responsible for your company’s purchasing practices, you have a lot on your plate. It’s one thing to negotiate purchasing contracts with vendors for all your food, medical supplies, office supplies, housekeeping supplies, and other supplies purchases. It’s another to make sure that those of your organization who place the orders actually receive the benefits from all your hard work. This is where Order Guide Management (OGM) comes in. In short, OGM is the ability to control which products your users have access to according to the terms negotiated.

Because of automated OGM,

  • You can ensure that purchasing complies with the contracts painstakingly negotiated, because the users only see what you want them to see when they are preparing their orders.
  • Users can more readily find the products they need whether they order them on a recurring basis or only occasionally.
  • Users will purchase products that are of the quality you expect and insist upon.
  • Your company can also maximize product rebates that your vendors may offer.

OGM is not new, but Procurement Partners is taking this principle to the next level with an enhanced Order Guide Management tool which will be released in the fall of 2012. Our automated and configurable procurement portal is like no other in the industry.

The key benefits of our new OGM tool:

  • It can be used for all vendors from food, to medical supplies to office supplies and more.
  • Flexibility – a single guide can be used for multiple ordering locations, multiple vendors, and/or multiple job roles.
  • Multiple guides can be assigned with priorities defining which order guide attributes take precedence. 
  • As the application administrator you have complete control. You don’t have to contact us to make changes.

To learn more, visit us during the AHCA/NCAL 63rd Annual Convention and Expo, booth #1319 or during the 2012 LeadingAge Annual Meeting and Exposition, Prime Care Technologies booth #530. We can introduce you to this outstanding tool and other features of our exceptional automated procurement application.

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