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[Security Tip] 13% Increase in Ransomware + May Security Summary

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Sat, Jun 04, 2022 @ 08:45 AM

This week, McKnight's Senior Living highlighted the latest from Verizon – Ransomware attacks rise 13 percent year over year. This serves as an excellent reminder for organizations to continue in their vigilant tracking of threats, vulnerabilities, and patches. Our primeCLOUD clients receive a list of security threats, vulnerabilities, and patches weekly via email, along with our plans to address them. Below is the summary of May events. 

High Impact

Company/Source Product Type
Google Chrome Security updates
(May 1 & 15)


Medium Impact

Company/Source Product Type
Citrix ADC and Gateway Security update
Google Chrome Security update
(May 29)
Microsoft Multiple Security updates
(May  2022)


Low Impact

Company/Source Product Type
Mozilla Multiple Firefox Security updates


No Impact on Our Clients/FYI

Company/Source Product Type
Adobe Multiple Security updates
Apache Tomcat Security advisory
Apple Multiple Security updates 
CISA F5-IP Exploitation of CVE 2022-1388
CISA Industrial Control System Security advisory
CISA VMware Emergency directive and vulnerabilities advisory
Cisco Multiple Security updates
Cisco Enterprise NFV Infrastructure Software Security updates
Drupal Multiple Security updates
F5 Multiple Security advisory of multiple vulnerabilities
ISC BIND Security advisory
Microsoft Azure Data Factory & Synapse Pipeline Security advisory


As part of our primeCLOUD services suite, we partner with leading IT vendors to offer security services like ransomware protection, phishing training, multi-factor authorization (MFA), data backup/recovery, and more.

If you're not confident your organization is on top of security threats, vulnerabilities, and patches, it may be time to conduct a cyber security audit.

Conduct Self-Audit Now

Or better, get in touch and let us walk you through critical items for your security checklist.

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