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Business Intelligence – Be on the Alert

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Wed, Dec 16, 2015 @ 10:59 PM

Business IntelligenceIn our more recent blogs, we have pushed the benefits of business intelligence (BI). We have especially emphasized its timeliness. With BI, you can know what’s happening practically in real time. Just open the dashboard and you see Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) important to you. But are you aware that you can be alerted via email when certain KPIs are significantly above or below targeted benchmarks?

Let’s say you and your management team have identified specific census benchmarks with given parameters which, when exceeded or fallen short of, the BI tool immediately sends you an emailed alert notifying you that certain regions and facilities are at risk. With that information in hand, you can immediately contact and troubleshoot the situation with the appropriate staff.

This is just as valid with labor KPIs. How about overtime? You are sitting in your office preparing for the next meeting when your email notifies you of an incoming message. You navigate to the message to see that it’s from the Business Intelligence tool alerting you which facilities have exceeded overtime parameters today.

Cash management? Near and dear to any executive’s heart is making sure that collections are keeping pace with targeted collection goals. Let’s say your team has identified that certain private-pay collection benchmarks are achieved by the 10th. On that day, you receive an alert that specific facilities are falling short of their collection goals for private-pay with resident-specific contact and balance information. Because of this alert, your team can address the issues now.

Business Intelligence generated alerts not only deliver timely information, they also reinforce accountability. I don’t think it’s so much of matter of “Big Daddy” is watching. Rather, it’s an opportunity. When facilities are falling short of their goals, they may be distracted by other matters. Receiving an alert-generated call from your team can be helpful and supportive.

If you have a Business Intelligence tool like primeVIEW, that generates alerts, use them! It’s one more benefit available to help your team to effectively manage that which really matters.

Business Intelligence

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