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Embassy Healthcare Sees $1.5M Labor Savings in First 7 Months

Providing administrators with automated daily reports via emails drives better management of staffing and saves $7K/day.

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Embassy Healthcare

Founded in 1998, Embassy oversees 47 locations offering assisted living, adult day care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. 



Like most operators, labor is Embassy's largest cost. Savings can easily be uncovered in this area – but, only if it's easy to monitor staffing changes each day.

Having previously served as an administrator, Embassy's new COO recognized this opportunity. He also knew technology could help them pull data together faster while ensuring management could access the latest data on hand.

By putting labor data at each administrator's fingertips, the hope was for facilities to better meet budgetary goals and temper overtime. Leadership also needed high-level visibility into how facilities were managing regionally, so they could intervene where needed.

“Our biggest asset and expense is people. We needed to quickly see if an issue was a one-time event or a trend.”

– Prentice Thompson, COO



automated daily reports sent to administrators/regionals


minutes (or less) spent managing labor each day


per day saved on labor

How primeVIEW Helped

The consolidation of data from Embassy’s financial, census, and labor systems into a single online dashboard answered the need at all levels to have decision-driven data on hand. Data is refreshed four times throughout the day to assure accuracy regardless of what time it's accessed.

  • Administrators can pull it up for morning meetings each day.
  • Regional management can view trends for just their region and can drill down by facility
  • Corporate management can see aggregated regional data, and also drill down as needed.

Beyond the convenience of the dashboard, Embassy's COO worked with our team to develop two specific reports to be delivered each morning via email.

  • Census and Labor: Daily census, overtime, and labor spend in hours/day, dollars/day, and dollars per patient day (PPD)
  • Procurement Spend: Month-to-date (MTD) comparison of actual-to-budget procurement spend, including contract nursing

This customized email delivery alerts busy administrators to review their most critical metrics and make quick decisions, even if they can't log into primeVIEW that day. 

"In less than 45 minutes a day administrators can manage their day-to-day labor and use the rest of their time to focus on resident care, customer service, and employee engagement."

– Prentice Thompson, COO

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The biggest wow factor was Embassy's reported savings of $7,000/day in staffing costs after just six months as primeVIEW users:

  • Equates to nearly $1.5M in their first 7 months
  • Trending toward potential $2.5M+ savings this year

Additional benefits include: 

  • Spending just 30-45 minutes each day to review reports and efficiently manage the budget.
  • Continued optimization decision-driven data during weekly touch-base meetings with our team.

We look forward to revisiting their cost savings in another six months!

"We've saved nearly $7,000/day in staffing since monitoring in primeVIEW."

– Prentice Thompson, COO



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