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IT helps make Thanksgiving Day a special day!

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Wed, Nov 23, 2011 @ 05:13 PM

Thanksgiving and Information TechnologyI know it’s late in the day and many of you are already heading to your turkey feast destination or making last-minute preparations, but I think expressing gratitude is never too late - or too early for that matter. First, if not for the vision, talent, dedication, and hard work of so many, we would not enjoy the explosion of opportunities that information technology offers us. Whether it’s for entertainment, checking on one’s health, mining data, checking on the weather or road conditions, tracking finances, operating a business, promoting ideas, products, and services, or just meeting or reconnecting with friends, IT is everywhere. Some may argue that IT may have complicated our lives, but in the long run, our lives, our play, our work, even our worship have been positively impacted and enriched. For this, we should be very grateful.

Further, our PCT’s team expresses our sincerest gratitude to our customers and partners. We have seen phenomenal growth over the last year and without them, we could not be where are today and will be going forward.

Lastly, to our team members, thank you for your dedication, hard work, and sacrifice in serving our customers and supporting one another. That’s what makes this company work.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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