Drive Performance with
Timely Benchmarks and Trends

Our primeVIEW solution solves the challenge of getting the accurate and timely post-acute facility metrics you need to impact  quality of care.

Consolidating data such as census, labor, revenue cycle, satisfaction scores and Five-Star Quality Ratings from various systems, primeVIEW delivers an easy-to-navigate interface that automatically refreshes in near real time.

With an unparalleled, multi-dimensional view of operational performance supported by benchmarks, rankings, and trends – it's everything you need to make data-driven decisions.


One Powerful Dashboard for All KPIs

> Leverage interactive views to run daily meetings.

> Accelerate decision-making with accurate facility/patient views.

> Quickly identify trends with enough time to proactively affect outcomes.

> Cultivate performance to your competitive advantage.

Make Every Decision Data-Driven

Right Data

  • Census/occupancy
  • Population metrics
  • Labor trending
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Five Star
  • Clinical and internal rehab
  • PBJ reporting

Right Decisions

  • Configurable dashboards
  • Corporate/regional/facility views
  • Drill-down details by patient, diagnosis, payer
  • Population health analysis
    (bundles, CJR, etc.)
  • Outcome visualization and management
  • Efficiency to impact quality

Right Now

  • Secure web-based data
  • User-defined alerts
  • Actual-to-budget comparisons
  • Anytime access to reporting
  • Timeframe filters
  • Custom refresh rates
  • XLS or PDF exports
PBJ Reporting E-Sheet

primeVIEW PBJ Reporting

Submit Consolidated XML Data to CMS with Confidence