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[Recap] Operational Innovation Takes Center Stage at HealthTAC Spring 2022

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Tue, Aug 30, 2022 @ 01:34 PM

East Sales Director, Joe Brown, sat on the "Problem Solving Innovations, Enhancing the Senior Living Industry" panel at HealthTAC West 2022. Central Sales Director, Scott Kozimor, also attended, as senior living operators talked candidly about the industry's current state.

Here's some advice from senior living operators on the topic of operational innovation:

  • Continuously monitor your empirical data to support needed change.
  • Consider 'firing yourself' and hiring a tech leader or partner.
  • Innovate in a moving-forward, clearly defined way – no more 'throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks.'
  • Champion and participate in whatever innovation you choose to assure success.

Also discussed was how to make new operational innovation successful:

  • Build upon a strong technology foundation (i.e., best fiber, network, etc.)
  • Make sure it fits within your culture; engage key players to weigh in (i.e., Can we bring it together? Can we sustain it?)
  • Train your teams and staff well; measure profitability. 
  • Don't get passed by in the market because you overthink it.

A key concern brought up as an obstacle to innovation success was staff burnout. But senior living leaders responded positively, suggesting ways to re-energize and realign staffing:

  • Don't be afraid to try new ideas.
  • Consider replacing agency roles with inside staff.
  • Monitor and stabilize staffing trends (days, hours, etc.) to keep staff coming back.
  • Deploy applicant tracking technology.
  • Preserve internal knowledgebase – allow staff to go part-time or project-based.
  • Engage and involve Millennial staff.

As always, our participation in this networking event gave us perspective on how we can help this industry innovate for success. Did you know we offered: 

  • primeCLOUD – secure hosting, plus a line into best-of-breed technologies at partner-negotiated pricing.
  • primeVIEW – dashboard app for easily tracking staffing trends, plus other key operational trends (e.g., census, admissions/discharges, billing/receiving, etc).

Get in touch if we can become a partner in your path to operational innovation.

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[Recap] What We Heard at HealthTAC East 2022

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Thu, Apr 07, 2022 @ 02:07 PM

Last week our team connected with leaders from aging services communities at HealthTAC East. The two-day idea exchange, which included thought-provoking speakers and provider-vendor meetings, produced discussion around these key themes:

  • Innovation and technology 
  • Staff shortages and retention
  • Resident wellness and engagement for growth, satisfaction, and occupancy
  • Marketing strategies to attract more residents

If you missed it, catch up with us for recommended strategies and how our technologies can help. 

Innovation and technology

As a leading data warehouse, application provider, and IT services company in senior care, we are here to support you in the efficiencies to be gained with technology. Relying on nearly two decades of experience and feedback from innovative senior care operators who rely on us, we have the solutions and partnerships to provide you with end-to-end technology.

Staff shortages and retention

When staff is short, you need instant access to your current staffing and census data to manage the financial impact, as well as how it might impact your Five Star rating. Our primeVIEW KPI analytics dashboard serves up the data you care about, simplified.

Resident wellness and engagement

According to the IN2L annual report, "86% of senior living leaders using engagement technology said that it was either “very” or “extremely” important, a 10% increase year over year. And 65% of respondents said that engagement technology delivers a clear return on investment."

We agree, which is why we are bridging gaps in bandwidth and helpdesk availability for communities that wisely invest in engagement solutions. Ask us about our primeCLOUD IT services suite. Why? Because IT just works!

Attracting more residents

Once again, our primeVIEW analytics app is the hero you need. With real-time visibility into comings/goings – as well as the 'whys,' you can think strategically about when and how best to fill vacancies. We also have CRM integration on our radar, with Enquire Solutions slated as our first partner to come on board. 

The Short of It

We attend the industry's top events to track the trends and topics most important to operating an aging services organization. What we learn is incorporated into the continuous enhancements we make to the applications and technologies. We heard the demands loud and clear at HealthTAC East and we confirmed our solutions are on target to serve your needs. 

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