Meet Our Team


Our Leadership


Jim Hoey

Founder and Executive Chair

Jim founded prime care Technologies in 2003. He has 30+ years of experience as an IT leader in the healthcare industry.


Carl Mickiewicz

Chief Executive Officer

Carl joined us in 2017. He has served the senior care industry for nearly 30 years in various roles including technology, operations, business development, customer success, and reimbursement. His robust experience positions Carl to fully appreciate the needs of senior care operators.


Spencer Thomas

General Manager

Spencer joined the team in 2019. He has over 20 years experience of sales leadership and business development experience in healthcare, primarily focused on the delivery of value-based products/services. He will continue to expand primeFORCE consulting division through offering services designed to optimize workforce/payroll software.

Peter Teichert

Peter Teichert

Chief Security Officer

Peter joined us in 2011. He has 30 years of experience in business development and technical leadership. In addition to overseeing security policies and practices, he manages client and partner contracting, playing a key role in onboarding our valued customers.


Ashley Gates

Chief Technical Officer

Ashley joined us in 2008. He has over 20 years of LAN/WAN design, implementation, and maintenance experience. He maintains our business and client relationships to employ a wide assortment of networking hardware and software technologies, translating business requirements into company-rewarding solutions.


Jae Sparks

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Jae joined us in 2016. He has 20+ years of sales, business development, and account management experience in the healthcare and technology industries. He's focused on the delivery of software/IT/EHR solutions as well as pharmaceuticals. Jae also heads up our solution sales team. He continues to play a strategic role in marketing and business development.


Joe Stone


Joe joined Prime Care in 2015. He has over 40 years of background in insurance and human resources and today heads up business and product development for the primeFORCE insurance and technology solutions.


The Prime Care Family

Under the leadership of this team, Prime Care employs another 175+ IT and business savvy employees. More than 35% of our workforce is invested in IT development.