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[PR] Prime Care Partners with Connected Living on Resident Engagement

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Thu, Apr 14, 2022 @ 10:43 AM

DULUTH, GEORGIA (PRWEB) Today, Prime Care Technologies, a leading data warehouse, application provider, and IT services company in senior care, announced its partnership with Connected Living, the leading provider of enterprise content management, communication, and engagement technology for senior living communities. This relationship helps Connected Living meet increasing demand to deploy its resident engagement solutions while providing its current senior living clients with an easy-to-access helpdesk, powered by Prime Care Technologies.

Connected Living’s technology ecosystem includes a centralized content management system that allows for seamless broadcasting of community content directly to mobile apps, premium digital signage, calendars/newsletters, in-room TV, and a proprietary Alexa skill for voice technology. Prime Care Technologies will provide IT services to Connected Living’s senior living clients, including connectivity and helpdesk services.

Said Connected Living COO Gineane Haberlin, “In today's fast-paced world, support for technology products and services is essential to drive positive outcomes. Our combined service delivery with Prime Care Technologies allows us to continue to provide unique digital experiences that are backed up by unparalleled support.” She continued, “We are pleased to add Prime Care Technologies’ expertise and helpdesk support to the equation and have their help supporting the many senior living communities we serve.”

For nearly two decades, Prime Care Technologies has equipped senior care organizations, as well as businesses outside of this industry with end-to-end IT services. With more than 200 vendor partnerships, being able to bridge gaps between vendors and senior care continues to meet the demand for efficiency-driving technology.

Said Carl Mickiewicz, Prime Care Technologies CEO, “We are excited to support Connected Living in their mission to strengthen personal connections in senior communities.” He continued, “Prime Care Technologies is providing Connected Living with a reliable, scalable deployment and support model, allowing them to focus on developing great software and end-user content. We look forward to helping the communities they serve enhance technology and increase communication in meaningful ways.”

About Prime Care Technologies
For nearly two decades, innovative senior care operators have relied on Prime Care Technologies for the integrated data and technologies they need to make real-time, performance-impacting decisions, within facilities and across communities. An Atlanta-based company, more than 7,500 facilities leverage our technologies. The interoperability we drive across 70+ apps and 3,500+ payers within the senior care market makes Prime Care Technologies the industry-leading data warehouse. The same highly secure IT services we offer clients to support and integrate their most valuable healthcare data are available to all markets as part of our primeCLOUD managed IT services suite.

About Connected Living
Founded in 2007, Connected Living delivers a comprehensive product ecosystem designed specifically for the senior living and healthcare industries. Through a single centralized content management system (eCMS), the Connected Living platform allows communities to simplify staff workflow and enhance resident engagement. Connected Living’s innovative suite of technology solutions allows for swift communications to everyone in the senior living operation. Connected Living operates in more than 700 communities across the country.

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[PR] Pathway Health and Prime Care Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Tue, May 24, 2016 @ 10:22 AM

DULUTH, Ga. and WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn., May 18, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pathway Health(www.pathwayhealth.com), a leading post-acute consulting services, executive search, interim management and education services organization and Prime Care Technologies (www.primecaretech.com), a leading long-term care source for cloud-based hosting and revenue cycle management apps, announce a new strategic partnership that will empower long-term/post-acute care (LTPAC) providers with both the consulting expertise and the cutting-edge technology to sustain performance improvement organization-wide.

For two decades, healthcare leaders have turned to Pathway Health to improve quality, reimbursement and clinical outcomes. Now Pathway Health’s signature expertise and resources will be combined with Prime Care’s technology platform, evolved over a decade for long-term care needs, to make streamlined operational performance and control over financial outcomes…a reality.

“We have been seeking the right business intelligence technology partner to support our clients in the new era of health care reform and value based payment models,” commented Pathway Health President and Chief Executive Officer, Peter B. Schuna. “Prime Care has a robust, cloud-based hosting and application suite to help providers optimize operational performance in areas ranging from claims processing to procurement, workforce management, interoperability and more. Their dashboard, which provides a single point of access to all of an organization’s critical systems, is a game changer.”

“Pathway Health is highly respected in the industry, with more than 150 clinical and operational experts in long-term and post-acute care,” observed Prime Care Technologies president, Jim Hoey. “This collaboration leverages Pathway Health’s highly-revered and in-demand expert insights with Prime Care’s technology solutions and business intelligence. It’s a powerful combination of critical expertise and leading edge technology not seen before in this industry.”  

The Pathway Health-Prime Care partnership will give providers the technology to streamline processes and harness their data for real business intelligence, along with the expert insights to leverage that data to drive unprecedented performance across the enterprise.

About Pathway Health
Pathway Health is a professional management, consulting, interim management, executive search and education services organization, serving clients across the post-acute care continuum. Since 1997, Pathway Health has been keeping a pulse on industry clinical, regulatory, quality and reimbursement trends to keep clients on the path to success. With over 150 experienced professionals, we engage and employ leading clinical and operational experts to assist our clients in achieving the next level of performance. For more information, call 877-777-5463 or visit www.pathwayhealth.com.

About Prime Care Technologies
Since 2003, Prime Care Technologies has delivered cloud-based solutions to meet the complex data needs of post-acute care. Today, it offers the first and only self-service operations cloud for managing long-term care revenue cycles and compliance mandates, including CMS Payroll Based Journal reporting. Integrating data from third-party and in-house systems, Prime Care Technologies automates workforce, procurement and claims reimbursement, while empowering leaders with real-time visualizations and control over financial outcomes. Learn more at www.primecaretech.com.

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eProcurement – What is it? What’s in it for the Buyer? (Part I)

By Rusty Zosel on Thu, Aug 11, 2011 @ 09:30 AM


iStock_000001263418XSmall-resized-600In past blogs I’ve referred to Patronizing Partnership as the highest level of eProcurement Evolution, a Buyer/Vendor relationship marked by trust, cooperation, and mutual support. Let’s discuss this in more practical terms which go beyond the platitudes and attitudes, first by defining what is eProcurement Evolution, specifically, complete procurement automation. (In Part II, I’ll illustrate the benefits of eProcurement with a plausible ROI scenario.)

The Automated Procurement Process – removing the barriers to communication

Let’s start with that which lies at the heart of eProcurement Evolution – open communication between Buyers and Vendors facilitated by the automated procurement process. What are the essential features of a fully-functioning automated procurement process?

The automated procurement process essentially is comprised of the following three elements:

  • A user interface to support configuration of custom business rules, vendor management, and item management
  • An automated exchange of transactions with vendors and buyer systems
  • Application logic to check all configuration and business rules against vendor transactions and buyer systems

For the user of Procurement Partners, transaction automation embraces:

  • A customer-specific and customized application access point for all users
  • A corporate access point for enterprise customers, enabling corporate staff to view procurement activity at all levels of the organization from the corporate level to the individual facility
  • Order approval workflow and tracking
  • Electronic Transactions: purchase orders, acknowledgements, confirmations, updates and invoices
  • Contract and item maintenance with vendors

Automated exchange of transactions with vendor and buyer systems insures an open two-way conversation, including:

  • An online communication protocol with vendors and service providers
  • Custom integration into vendor order processing and item database systems and buyer ERP/accounting systems using their best practices
  • Transaction processing with update/change notifications
  • Electronic invoicing for all types of invoices
  • Invoice approval workflow and tracking
  • Contract price and freight reconciliation
  • Custom alerts at multiple steps in the procurement process

Application logic is the “secret sauce” that really makes procurement automation work.  Here are a few of the ingredients:

  • Customized business logic
  • A vendor product catalog with content maintenance capability
  • Contracted item maintenance, analysis, and reporting
  • Enterprise user administration and management
  • Price reconciliation for contracted items
  • General ledger structure, assignment, and processing support
  • Budget support, tracking, and alerts
  • Intelligent reporting


The two major benefits that Buyers experience from a fully-automated procurement system include:

  • Improved contract compliance – getting the consistent value and price they negotiated with their Vendors.
  • A tangible ROI – leveraging the contract compliance process for real savings. This is what I’ll address in the next blog

Question: What features would you like to see in a fully-automated procurement process?

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5 Tactics to Becoming the Fittest in the eCommerce Evolution

By Rusty Zosel on Mon, Jul 11, 2011 @ 11:00 AM

Introduction – A review

HiRes-resized-600Last time, when I addressed the theme of eCommerce evolution, I wrote that for eCommerce to evolve Buyers and Vendors alike must trust each other through communication and consistency in services, processes, and meeting commitments. And they must trust and implement technologies and innovations as well as further refine their practices and reach their goals.

Taking this metaphor one step further, evolution implies the survival of the fittest - a natural selection of those who subscribe to the benefits of eCommerce and understand and implement the steps necessary to fully participate.

eProcurement – What’s in a name?

Going forward, I’ll take the license to substitute the term, “eProcurement,” in preference to “eCommerce.” eProcurement, “the business-to-business sale and purchase of goods and services[1],” helps businesses simplify purchasing and reduce costs associated with operations and transactions processing. Since today’s Vendors and Buyers are able to more readily and openly communicate, eProcurement facilitates negotiating, contract and formulary management, order processing, spend management, and reporting.

eProcurement Evolution - Survival of the fittest

Back to the topic at hand: To fully reap the benefits of eProcurement, Vendors and Buyers alike will have to emerge out of the primordial soup of out-dated procurement practices. (Please refer to the blog entitled, What is the ecommerce evolution?, for more details.) In my opinion, the fittest will survive this natural selection, because they embrace the following five survival tactics.

Five Survival Tactics

Survival Tactic #1: A commitment to “Patronizing Partnership” at all levels within the organization

The fittest Vendors and Buyers will internally promote and put into consistent practice procedures to support an open and free-flowing level of communication within and outside their organizations.

Survival Tactic #2: A commitment to the automated procurement process

The fittest will themselves employ “natural selection” to identify and retain those practices and processes which will enable eProcurement. This self-discovery will compare and contrast current practices with successful eProcurement requirements. Based on this discovery process, Buyers and Vendors will be able to naturally discard practices that are roadblocks and retain or acquire enabling practices. Concurrently, they must also have the tools of technology.

Survival Tactic #3: An IT infrastructure that supports eProcurement

Obtaining and implementing a web-based software application, which integrates all aspects of procurement from contract management to automated GL entries, is the first step in this natural selection process. Next, the fittest will have identified and secured necessary IT systems and infrastructure which will give them enterprise-class features, instant application service delivery and management, easy set-up and use, reliability, availability, responsiveness, security and encryption, scalability, data storage and backup, user and systems support services, Business Intelligence reporting, high availability, business continuity, interoperability with many platforms and 3rdparties, and disaster recovery. Many will find that Cloud Computing Services Providers offer the fittest features, flexibility, and affordability available.

Survival Tactic #4: Create a plan to meet the demand of eProcurement

The fittest have a plan that will put into effect their commitment, best practices, and the required technologies. The plan will include a specific statement of the goals; deadlines; obstacles; people, groups, and organizations which can assist; the benefits to achieving the goal; the skills needed to acquire the goals; and development of the plan. 

Survival Tactic #5: Implement the plan

While this may appear to be a no-brainer, I think it’s important to state, because in the implementation of the plan, the fittest revisit the plan regularly to identify progress made and to readjust the plan’s milestones if necessary. The fittest stay focused.


Following these five survival tactics will help Vendors and Buyers naturally take the steps necessary to be among the fittest in this exciting new eProcurement Evolution world.

What steps has your organization taken to leverage the brave new world of eProcurement?

What benefits have you seen as a result?

[1] SearchCIO.com, definition, e-procuremet (supplier exchange)

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