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CRMs – No Longer an Enterprise Sales Management Tool

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Fri, Jun 26, 2020 @ 10:45 AM

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If you haven’t met a CRM, it stands for customer relationship management (app). CRMs were initially targeted to high-yield sales teams in the corporate world. They’ve evolved quite a bit since then. Some are even built specifically for senior care. Used effectively, it can become THE data hub for the prospect and resident details that directly impact your revenue.

So, how can a CRM help you? Think of it as the contacts app from your smartphone – on steroids. It’s a place to centralize all contacts with interest in your senior care community – either directly or as a referring source. For potential residents, it enables you to manage their entire lifecycle with you – from introduction to tour to move in – and for some, discharge.

This provides communities with a way to manage census, inventory, referral sources, and each resident’s contacts. It can even offer valuable insight into readmissions. What’s more, it can all be accessed from a mobile app on your phone, so you can get to this information anytime, from anywhere. If you have a sales team, this means they could literally be in the stairwell of a hospital tracking targeted patient types as referrals. 

But, it doesn’t end there. Most CRMs now include various types of marketing automation, enabling you to send mass emails to those with a vested interest in your community. Or, it can be a multi-channel social media tool, allowing you to press one button and post to all social outlets. This can be a tremendous time saver for those of you wearing multiple hats in your community.

The best of the CRMs go even further to allow integration with all of your essential software – back office, EHR, billing, financial, and more. Add to that a robust reporting system that can help you tie it all together.

Data is power in this day and age. So, is a CRM a worthwhile consideration for your business? Absolutely. Used effectively, it can become THE data hub for the prospect/resident details that directly impact your revenue.


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