Prime Care Technologies

Vendor-Neutral Aggregator for EVV

Our Simple Model for Satisfying the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Mandate

Employing our Vendor-Neutral Aggregator enables each state to accept unlimited EVV submissions from multiple systems, providers and agencies, while allowing providers to use whatever EVV technology they like.

  • State Benefits: Get data analytics needed to show compliance, while enabling providers to continue business as usual
  • Provider Benefits: Eliminate costs, retraining and distraction of implementing a new EVV system. 
  • Vendor Benefits: Continue to compete in delivering the best possible EMR/EVV solutions for providers.

Our model was cited in Homecare Technology Report’s article, “Statewide Single Source EVV; There Has to be a Better Way,” as an innovative new way to address EVV compliance as part of The 21st Century Cure's Act.

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