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How are  COVID-19 vaccinations going?

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Mon, Feb 22, 2021 @ 08:52 AM

Article and Summary on the Latest Nursing Home Progress

The February 12 Washington Post article 'I work in a nursing home. Here’s why my colleagues are skipping the vaccine,' provided great context around why staff still seem unsure about getting vaccinated. Below are some interesting stats and highlights it included. 

November 2020, regarding COVID-19 Vaccines

  • 80% of MD/D.C. nursing home union members opted out of first offer
  • 50% of Miami health system employees did not want immediately
  • 15% of Miami health system employees did not want at all

Late December 2020, regarding COVID 19 vaccines

  • Approximately 72% of CNAs in the National Association of Health Care Assistants (NAHCA) did NOT want
  • 60% of Ohio nursing home staffers elected NOT to take the vaccine


Causes of uncertainty about COVID-19 vaccinations

  • People of color have deep-rooted mistrust due to a history of doctors experimenting on them
  • U.S. government seemed to marginalize and neglect elderly/nursing homes when COVID-19 began
  • Educational materials produced only in English
  • Expedited development raised doubts and questions about testing
  • Questions about testing across various conditions (e.g., autoimmune conditions, food/medicine allergies, pregnancy)
  • Assumptions vaccine tracking meant inserting chips into people (vs. just coding vaccine packaging).
  • Confusion about the connection between RNA and DNA


Educational help

In January, CMS/CDC conducted educational sessions around these topics to help staff allay doubts and fears. If you missed it, check out our summary blog, CMS/CDC Q&A on COVID-19 Vaccination Safety

In December, AMDA, also known as The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care (PALTC) Medicine has released a COVID-19 vaccine education toolkit that we summarized in blog, AMDA COVID-19 Vaccine Q&A Summarized.

You might also find the flyer Answers to Your COVID-19 Vaccine Questions helpful to distribute or hang.