It has been three years since the COVID-19 outbreak and the unfortunate labor shortage struggle continues. We have created different alternatives that have allowed us to continue life as we once knew it. But the question is how are companies able to adapt to this labor shortage and how do they come out on the other side stronger than ever? These labor insufficiencies have affected the nursing population tremendously and are now trickling into the world of IT.

Sadly, healthcare industries took a heavy hit with this. Staffing poverties are nothing new for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), yet it is highly unfortunate. When there is a staffing shortage not only does that overwork the staff that is already available, it puts a strain on the company as a whole. These businesses are unsure how to improve the facility crisis or how to properly prevent it!

IT industries are experiencing staffing shortages as well due to non-flexible work hours, a lack of remote working options, feeling under-appreciated, and even the possibility of a toxic work environment. According to "A whopping 85% said they felt their company focused more on attracting new talent than investing in existing staff. It is estimated that the demand for IT specialists will increase by 22%." This is a much faster increase than any other occupation and can result in nearly 85 million tech talent shortages! However, primeCLOUD can provide the staff augmentation you are yearning for during these critical times.

Companies are always evolving and changing. People come and go, but what if you have staff resign unexpectedly? It happens. This same scenario recently happened to a company we partnered with. A senior networking staff member had resigned and the company did not have a backup plan. Luckily, we were their backup plan as our company was able to provide the work they needed to fill that position. Why replace a hard worker with a supplemented lack of talent quick hire? Rely on us to fill in the gaps when needed with high-quality and skilled technicians!

There are many different risks of labor shortages such as workplace injuries, product liability, and even property! To assist with the lack of time and resources, many healthcare facilities are upgrading to technologically advanced resources. Some are even installing automatic monitoring devices to provide simple and accurate contactless monitoring. These innovative monitoring devices can help provide a variety of vital signs and bio-data features along with indications in a continuous, contactless, and passive manner. With these technology upgrades, proper installation is necessary. Our expert technicians can come to the site and complete those jobs for you as well. 

primeCLOUD can provide over-the-phone assistance as they work effortlessly around the clock 24/7. Aside from primeCLOUDs impeccable 24/7 service, we also can provide network monitoring assistance that oversees problems such as slow traffic or component failure. Allow us to be your boots-on-the-ground service when needed. We provide the tech, so you can provide the care.

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