Does your IT team track reported security threats, vulnerabilities, and patches as often as weekly? We do. In fact, our primeCLOUD customers receive notifications about the impact each week, along with an explanation of how our team is mitigating risk on their behalf. Review last week's summary to understand the potential impacts and interventions. 

Effective Week Ending October 24, 2021

High Impact

No new impacts since Oct 3, 2021 report.


Medium Impact

No new impacts since September 19, 2021 report.


Low Impact




Google Chrome v95.0.4638.54 for Windows, Mac, and Linux


No Impact

*Prime Care Tech team assessed and determined our clients are not impacted/using product




Apache Tomcat (multiple versions) Security advisory to address vulnerability
Cisco IOS XE SD-WAN Software Security updates to address vulnerability
Oracle Multiple Critical patch update (October 2021) to address vulnerabilities 
CISA  GPSD v3.20 (Dec 31, 2019) through v3.22 (Jan 8, 2021) GPS (GPSD) Daemon bug alert


The constantly increasing demands of securing your data against cyber criminals make it challenging to keep up. If you need help staying on top of your game, get in touch.

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