Each week our security team tracks threats, vulnerabilities, and patches announced by leading IT experts and vendors to ensure we prioritize, address, and communicate them to our managed IT services clients.

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High Impact

Nothing new in the high category was reported in March. To check previous reports, see 2022 Security Threats.

Medium Impact

Company/Source Product Type
Microsoft Multiple Security updates (March 2022)
VMware Multiple (ESXi) Security updates


Low Impact

Company/Source Product Type
Apple Multiple Security updates
Google Chrome Security updates
Mozilla Multiple Security updates
Mozilla Firefox, Firefox ESR Security updates
OpenSSL Multiple Security updates


No Impact to Our Clients/FYI

Company/Source Product Type
Cisco Multiple Security updates
CRI-O Multiple Security updates for Kubernetes
FBI Multiple Compromise indicators for RagnarLocker ransomware
Linux Multiple Dirty Pipe privilege escalation vulnerability
Mozilla VPN Security update
NSA Network infrastructure Security guidance
SAP Multiple Security updates (March 2022)
VMware Multiple Security updates


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