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Creatively Adapt to Staffing Challenges During COVID-19

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Thu, May 07, 2020 @ 05:11 PM

As if all-time high staff turnover during the last several years wasn't enough, COVID-19 emergence has brought about staffing challenges that require innovation, creativity and adaptability at all levels of skilled nursing.

According to a Senior Housing News survey, staffing challenges are second only to adequate PPE right now. In addition, SNFs can expect an entirely new segment of displaced workers as applicants, so creativity in recruiting from this group can only help.

Consider these tips in terms of messaging to new applicants:

  1. Above all, be empathetic to their situation
  2. Rather than canned job descriptions, paint a day in the life for applicants
  3. Communicate how they can help others and the rewarding aspects of senior care (Millennials are most interested in careers that give back)
  4. Explain how proven customer service skills will be of valued by working directly with residents
  5. Promote perks, benefits and job security
  6. Underscore safety and health as top priorities
  7. “Experience not required.” Share what kind of training will be provided
  8. Be flexible with scheduling and shift swapping for part-time employees – many people are juggling child care and other family situations

Finally, consider collaborating with other industries that have been impacted, with the understanding that some hires may wish to return to former careers in customer-service fields.  

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