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  • “The primeVIEW dashboard helps us to know what is happening in each of our buildings every single day. It allows us to surgically address challenges as they arise. It’s up to date so we don’t have to wait for someone to create reports for us.”

    - Frontline Management
  • “Before we engaged primeCLAIMS, we used an outdated and clumsy system which catered to hospitals. It did not give us the attention we needed when encountering problems and responses to our requests were not timely.”

    - Southern Healthcare
  • “Because primeVIEW is web based, executives and administrators don’t have to wait to receive the intel they need. It’s right at their fingertips. Having ready access to the right information has paid dividends.”

    - American Health Care
  • “We cut claims processing time up to 35-50% and collect cash faster.”

    - Ensign Services
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