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3 min read

CMS/CDC Q&A on COVID-19 Vaccination Safety

On January 6 and 13, CMS and the CDC co-hosted the first in a series of fireside chats on COVID-19 vaccine safety. ...

2 min read

2020 Recap of COVID-19 Resources for Senior Care

Over the past several months, we've searched and summarized those resources that might be of most help to our friends...

2 min read

AMDA COVID-19 Vaccine Q&A Summarized


This week, AMDA, also known as The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care (PALTC) Medicine has released a COVID-19...

1 min read

Debunking 4 Common COVID-19 Myths

This week, AHCA/NCAL released an 8-minute video with their Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Gifford and Dr. Shari Ling,...

2 min read

CMS Alert: Managing Residents' Safety Over Holidays

Late Wednesday, CMS released an alert regarding the holidays, which promise to tempt both residents and staff to...

2 min read

10 Reasons You're Not Getting Reimbursed on Managed Care

We've worked with senior care providers and experts for the last several years to identify pain points with managed...

2 min read

5 Leader Strategies to Increase Staff Engagement Despite Fatigue

This week, Senior Housing News gathered and presented great advice from senior care leaders in their article, Problem...

3 min read

Facilitating Residents' Right to Vote

Per the CMS Memo on Resident's Right to Vote issued earlier this month, senior care providers are required to support...

2 min read

Best Practices for Mitigating COVID Costs in Senior Care

COVID-19's financial toll brings new headaches for senior care operators. Occupancy is down (2-9%) and new expenses...