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The Hartman Value Profile Retention Tool – Not Just Another Personality Test

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Fri, May 22, 2020 @ 12:17 PM

hartman-value-profileThe Hartman Value Profile (HVP) has been used in major U.S. healthcare settings since the 1970s for recruitment, placement, development, and team-building – and, with exceptional results. Its success is based on its mathematical algorithms and axiology – or, the science of values.

Though we don’t like to believe it, we are all creatures of patterns. Through his studies, logician and philosopher Robert Hartman found that we run through these patterns each day to make decisions. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973, Hartman created a proprietary database of leadership profiles.

Today, these profiles are identified using the Judgement Index™, developed by Hartman’s protégé, Steve Byrum and his associates. This assessment can reveal a wide range of critically important business attitudes and behaviors, including employees’:

  • Level of engagement
  • Level of focus
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Trainability
  • Problem-solving aptitude
  • Energy for solving problems
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Work-life balance

Unlike the many personality tests (e.g., Myers-Briggs), a Hartman Value Profile assessment reveals underlying values that drive behavior and why these behaviors result in success (or failure) across leaders and teams. The assessment can also be repeated over time to measure a worker’s professional growth and progress. Personalities don’t change, but values often do.

Successful companies and HR consultants continue to use the HVP today because of its unique ability to foster business continuity, executive development, and succession planning. In other words, it helps you hire – and RETAIN – those employees that are likely to thrive in your organization.

LEARN MORE! Join HPV/Judgement Index™ expert Steve Byrum for our May 28 webinar, When Staffing Takes A 180, Assess Don’t Guess. Attendees get a FREE assessment, along with a follow-up session to explain results.

Prime Care Tech Joins Kronos Partner Network to Deliver Critical Data Archiving

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Mon, May 18, 2020 @ 08:00 AM

Prime Care Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of flexible hosting, managed services and cloud software for healthcare organizations, today announced it has joined the Kronos Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner Network – a fast-growing ecosystem of organizations utilizing the revolutionary Workforce Dimensions solution and intelligent Kronos D5 platform.

As part of this network, Prime Care Technologies will deliver its securely hosted archiving solution, primeARCHIVE, to Kronos customers migrating to Workforce Dimensions, enabling them to quickly back up and query historical workforce data. As a long-time Kronos partner and integrator, Prime Care Technologies understands the criticality of workforce data storage needed to easily analyze, report, and comply with unique workforce rules.

“We are delighted to extend our relationship with Kronos for its workforce management and human capital management (HCM) customers,” said Jim Hoey, president and CEO, Prime Care Technologies. “As a 13+ year Kronos reseller and certified implementation and support partner, we know the importance of securing historical data and having long-term access to reporting. We are confident our data center will provide a highly secure environment to store all historical data for Kronos Workforce Dimensions customers.”

Workforce Dimensions from Kronos is a next-generation workforce management solution. Cloud-native, mobile-native, and powered by artificial intelligence, Workforce Dimensions delivers real-time analytics to drive in-the-moment decisions, unburdening managers from time-consuming, low-value tasks and empowering employees with an engaging experience. The open application programming interface (API) framework of Kronos D5 makes it quick and simple for customers to extend the value of their workforce management and HCM investment with innovative and tightly integrated partner applications that drive user adoption.

“Workforce Dimensions is built on a completely open and extensible platform, enabling innovative integrations with partners, including Prime Care Technologies, that empower employees in ways that simply are not possible with legacy solutions,” said Mike May, senior director, Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner Network, Kronos. “By simplifying the process of migrating data from a legacy solution to Workforce Dimensions, healthcare organizations will accelerate their deployment even faster to deliver a next-generation employee experience sooner.”

About primeARCHIVE

About Workforce Dimensions

[Webinar] When Staffing Takes a 180, Assess – Don't Guess

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Tue, May 12, 2020 @ 04:32 PM


Join us Thursday, May 28 (noon ET), with guest speaker Steve Byrum, expert behind the Judgment Index™, to learn how measuring judgment ensures you put the right people in the right jobs.

Proven to improve recruitment, retention, and customer satisfaction, participants will have a chance to sample the assessment, with results explained in a follow-up webinar.




Topics: applicant tracking solutions, workforce retention, Workforce burnout COVID-19, judgment index, retention management strategy, Hartman Value Profile, recruitment

Creatively Adapt to Staffing Challenges During COVID-19

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Thu, May 07, 2020 @ 05:11 PM

As if all-time high staff turnover during the last several years wasn't enough, COVID-19 emergence has brought about staffing challenges that require innovation, creativity and adaptability at all levels of skilled nursing.

According to a Senior Housing News survey, staffing challenges are second only to adequate PPE right now. In addition, SNFs can expect an entirely new segment of displaced workers as applicants, so creativity in recruiting from this group can only help.

Consider these tips in terms of messaging to new applicants:

  1. Above all, be empathetic to their situation
  2. Rather than canned job descriptions, paint a day in the life for applicants
  3. Communicate how they can help others and the rewarding aspects of senior care (Millennials are most interested in careers that give back)
  4. Explain how proven customer service skills will be of valued by working directly with residents
  5. Promote perks, benefits and job security
  6. Underscore safety and health as top priorities
  7. “Experience not required.” Share what kind of training will be provided
  8. Be flexible with scheduling and shift swapping for part-time employees – many people are juggling child care and other family situations

Finally, consider collaborating with other industries that have been impacted, with the understanding that some hires may wish to return to former careers in customer-service fields.  

For scientific advice on how to hire the right people for the right job, don't miss our May 28 Webinar: When Staffing Takes a 180, Assess Don't Guess with life-long Judgement Index™ expert, Steve Byrum. And, get a free assessment for participating!


Topics: COVID-19 staffing, judgment index

Argentum Releases Coronavirus Preparation & Response Toolkit

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Mon, Mar 16, 2020 @ 05:00 PM

Coronavirus fears continue to escalate across the country. As the number of confirmed cases continues to rise, senior care communities are growing increasingly nervous — and rightfully so. In a previous article, we stated that we didn’t believe COVID-19 to be the world-ender that many media outlets were making it out to be. And, while we still don’t believe this is the beginning of the post-apocalyptic societies so many science-fiction movies have warned us about, we can admit that things have taken a more serious turn. Our initial response could potentially be seen as dismissive, and COVID-19 is something that should not be dismissed.

Schools have shut down, closing their doors until April or later. The CDC released a statement that any gatherings of 50 people or more should be cancelled or postponed for at least eight weeks to help slow the spread of the disease. Guidelines released by the White House on March 16th suggested avoiding gatherings of ten or more people. Nursing homes have begun limiting or outright denying guest access to facilities in order to protect their residents, upsetting many families.

In the midst of the escalation, Argentum has released Coronavirus Preparation & Response Toolkit, giving senior care providers a one-stop shop for COVID-19 information and suggestions for dealing with the fallout of this pandemic.

What Resources Are Included?

Argentum’s toolkit includes up-to-date information from the CDC, resources from the U.S. Department of Labor, a preparedness checklist for nursing homes and long-term care settings, and updated guidelines for public health and safety, among other links.

What Can I Do Right Now?

The toolkit also provides an overview and instructions on five critical actions senior care providers and their staffs can take beginning now. The safety of your residents is paramount, and their demographic is the one hardest hit by this disease.

What Other Information Is Included?

The toolkit also includes everything that is known about the virus and the disease it causes so far. You can learn about the disease’s symptoms, how it spreads, and updates on testing availability. It ends with best practice ideas and suggestions for how your community should respond.

We applaud Argentum for putting this toolkit together, taking the time to gather the information and resources available and compile them into one easy-to-access location. You can find Argentum’s Coronavirus Preparation & Response Toolkit right here.

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