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[Event] 2018 NIC Spring Investment Forum

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Mon, Feb 26, 2018 @ 02:04 PM

Prime Care Technologies is heading to the NIC Spring Investment Forum March 7-9 to meet with skilled nursing operators, care coordinators, financial leaders and other healthcare professionals who are looking to improve outcomes and reduce costs in post-acute and long-term care.

Our exec team will be onsite to provide expertise and discuss best practice strategies through technology solutions such as primeCLAIMS and primeVIEW – each designed specifically for the LTPAC environment. We look forward to hearing specifically what is top of mind for your organization in 2018 and how investment in the right technology can change the game.

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Business Intelligence and ACOs

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Wed, Apr 12, 2017 @ 08:17 AM

A little over a year ago we posted a blog that is still very relevant in today’s ever changing look at how to work with and show ACOs your value as a provider and trusted partner.

The key is to understand what the requirements are for an ACO and to have the right business intelligence tools in place to easily pull the information from disparate systems so you can easily show your value. Or, as some would say, access to interoperable data analytics.

Below is a link to the blog

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[Event] NHHCA 2017 Spring Conference

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Thu, Mar 30, 2017 @ 09:40 AM

We are excited to announce that Cheryl Field, Prime Care Technologies Chief Product Officer, has been selected to speak on two different topics at the New Hampshire Health Care Association's (NHHCA) Spring Conference on May 10th

In the morning session Cheryl will be discussing “Five Star & the New Quality Measures".  Attendees will leave with an action plan they can easily implement to strategically improve their position in the market.

Her afternoon session highlights "Who's Paying the Bill? Understanding Today's Payment Models and Data You Need for a Stong Bottom Line".   This presentation will explore changes in the Payer landscape as well as changes in payment models.

 Click here to see a short video about Prime Care Technologies

Click here for information on the NHHCA Conference

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How Business Intelligence can help execs stand out in an ACO crowd

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Tue, Mar 08, 2016 @ 07:00 PM

iStock_000076849599_Small.jpgIn our recent blogs, we’ve highlighted how Business Intelligence (BI) can help providers more effectively tell their stories to stakeholders, investors, and referral sources. However, providers have another key audience to whom they could effectively present data-driven demonstrations of value and quality – ACOs. In an article published by Healthcare IT News, the author identifies, among other critical success factors, that ACOs need to align the payment model with value and to develop the data model, IT infrastructure, and tools to support reporting and analytics.

Aligning value with payment models

One of my co-workers likes to use the cliché, “Keep it real. In that spirit, because payment model and value alignment are important to ACOs, providers need to understand ACO requirements and to tie their quality improvement initiatives to that payment model. BI can help providers identify and share the results of these initiatives with ACOs, demonstrating payment model-relevant value and service quality.

Developing the data model, IT infrastructure, and tools to support reporting and analytics

Key to successful ACO participation is a dynamic BI tool, the backbone of which is readily interoperable with other systems. Being able to integrate data from various data sources into one common data warehouse will help open lines of communication and care coordination within the payment model parameters. To the extent that LTC providers, with ambitions to participate as a valued and contributing ACO member, have the infrastructure in place, they will be able to more readily integrate their data into the ACO’s existing platform.  

Let me add our two cents – talking the talk; walking the walk

In marketing, we use the term “buyer persona”, which means that for us to effectively communicate, we need to understand who our targeted audience is, their concerns, their interests, etc., and to tailor our communication and engagement efforts accordingly. Likewise, providers need to understand the ACO stakeholder persona(s) and to craft their interactions with those stakeholders by talking their talk and walking their walk. Addressing their concerns with relevant information goes a long way.


Within the last couple of years, ACOs have begun to recognize that the inclusion of post-acute care providers can contribute to major cost savings and quality care improvement. LTC providers who have BI and data integration technology in place are better positioned to solicit and participate as viable ACO members. Are you one of them? Is ACO participation on your strategic radar screen? If so, having BI and analytics tools to help you demonstrate value in harmony with ACO payment models will help you to stand out among the crowd of ACO membership “wannabees”.

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