The comprehensive claims system built exclusively for skilled nursing and long-term care.

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Uniquely supported end-to-end by post-acute claims experts.


“Newcomers to Southern Healthcare are amazed by how easy it is to learn and use primeCLAIMS, especially when processing SNF secondary claims. The system is built for senior care providers, and it shows."

–Patti Bolen, Revenue Cycle Director


PointClickCare/EHR Data Exchange

Manage claims transmission, status, and edits; or update related patient data without leaving the PointClickCare application. Benefit from real-time, two-way data exchange not currently available through other claims apps.


  • Initiate 837 claim in EHR system with automated clearinghouse retrieval/review
  • Review and easily edit errors for resubmission and auto-update to EHR system
  • Automatically receive 835 remits in EHR system, which generates cash receipt

Automated, Full-Service Payer Enrollment

With all payers and each of their enrollment processes built in to primeCLAIMS, enrollments are virtually painless.


  • All payer forms
  • Customized processes
  • Near real-time status

SNF Eligibility and Clearinghouse

With eligibility checking across all payers, coverage is easily verified upfront. When it's time for claims submission, primeCLAIMS catches nearly 100% of errors, while offering fast editing functionality to quickly adjust any flagged errors.  

  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Commercial payers
  • HETS verification
  • Batch submission without batch rejection

[DEMO] CLIP and ezDDE Functionality

SNF-Focused Submission, Editing and Tracking 

Once claims are submitted, your team can log in daily to see updates and work the lists that require attention. Our EzDDE interface offers instant submission, status, and editing -- without leaving our app. 

  • Patient-centric
  • Simplified editing/tracking
  • Direct DDE connection
  • Easy to train


SNF Revenue Cycle Management


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Are You a PointClickCare User?

The first claims app with two-way EHR integration in PointClickCare's marketplace, primeCLAIMS supercharges claims reimbursement with a simple app for senior care. Sign up for our webcast to hear more. 

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Secondary and SNF Denial Management

Secondary billing is automated, yet still provides the level of control you need to make sure it's done right and processed faster. The automated e-file, generated for secondary billing, empowers users to potentially receive primary and secondary reimbursement in the same month. Our one-of-a-kind claim to claim comparison feature makes denials a snap to edit and resubmit.

  • 835 retrieval
  • Auto-generation of ADR candidates 
  • Alert-based SNF denial management workflows. Customizable calendars and multi-use checklists
Claim-to-Claim Comparison

Skilled Nursing Facility Revenue Cycle Management

Look at it and use it – life is a lot easier with primeCLAIMS.

– Wyndridge Health

Claims Analytics and Unique Biller Expertise

Unlimited reports offer everything you need to analyze trends and focus attention on the areas most in need.

  • Actionable reports
  • Support staff with billing experience
  • Centralized or decentralized billing

primeCLAIMS Actionable Analytics

primeCLAIMS Revenue Cycle ManagementRevenue Cycle Management in Healthcare


Expert Support from Experienced Billers

Clients truly can't say enough about our claims support team and are pleased with fast responses and issue resolution with tenured senior care billing experts.

"The primeCLAIMS support team—accessible by phone or email—was faster in addressing questions/issues"

– Wyndridge Health


"Training was simple, resulting in a significant reduction in the transition to full productivity."

– AR Manager & Clinical Billing Specialist, Southern Healthcare


One Simple System with Powerful Results

Fast Pay on All Types

Commercial claims paid as fast as 14 days

Super-Clean Submit

Nearly 100% errors found pre-submission

Short Turn-Times

Claims turn time shortened by up to 50%

Less Follow-Up 

Fewer days sales outstanding (DSO)

We previously used a clumsy system that catered to hospitals. It didn't give us the attention we needed when encountering problems and responses were not timely.
Nearly 40 Locations
Reduced cash turnaround time by at least 1/2 and as much as 2 days.
Everything promised was achieved, allowing us to focus time elsewhere.
Single Location
Claims were paid faster by at least a week.
"Not every software vendor takes the time to hear the customer and what they need. The primeCLAIMS team is flexible, open to discussion, and let customers help drive product."
Jeff Cantrell, CFO
Central Management Company
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Claims Processing Doesn't Have to be Tedious

Hear what our clients say about how easy it is to cut processing time and days sales outstanding (DSO), with pain-free execution using our SNF revenue cycle management application.

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