Join me at Telehealth Summit 2019 to discuss how Resident Telehealth powered by primeFORCE can help reduce readmissions and improve outcomes for patients with acute and behavioral conditions.

  • Nationwide licensed provider networks
  • Industry-leading behavioral health assessments
  • Videoconferencing equipment, software and med carts
  • Remote patient monitoring with telemetry nursing

Stop by to hear how our tools can help, regardless of where you are on the telehealth journey. Or, if you miss me at the event, download our primeFORCE Resident Telehealth E-Sheet, or get in touch!



Joe Stone

Written by Joe Stone

Joe is the executive vice president over our primeFORCE solution suite. In addition to an integrated HR app for applicant tracking/recruiting/onboarding, employee benefits and payroll, his relationships with industry-leading telehealth and insurance partners equip us to offer resident telehealth, enterprise risk management and unique employee benefits.