DULUTH, GA. (PRWEB), October 10, 2022 - Today Prime Care Technologies and Century Rehabilitation announce a strategic alliance to deliver better patient outcomes by integrating therapy and clinical electronic health records (EHR) data to senior care providers. Prime Care will use its industry-leading primeVIEW dashboard application to offer these consolidated data analytics to mutual Century Rehabilitation clients.

The partnership’s new therapy capabilities achieve three important goals. First to identify differences in assessment data captured by therapists and clinical staff. Second to present those differences in a near real-time alerts-based tool, to be addressed proactively before a care plan and its associated reimbursement is finalized. Third to reduce reliance on manual and time-consuming analysis of assessment and care data. The result is improved patient care and reimbursement accuracy.

The therapy capabilities also enhance primeVIEW’s existing analytics and dashboard capabilities. Therapy, clinical, and administrative staff can view current statistics and trends for a single facility or as an aggregate of multiple facilities. This helps providers identify opportunities to train employees and improve coordination between therapy, clinical, and reimbursement staff.

Integrating and aggregating data directly from EHRs and other core information systems, primeVIEW offers a single analytics dashboard that transforms the way organizations make decisions. At its core, primeVIEW is data you care about, simplified. One login delivers a multi-dimensional view of single or multi-facility performance, empowering leaders to drive productivity using critical benchmarks, rankings, and trends

Century Rehabilitation is reinventing the therapy-SNF partnership by delivering therapy margin growth while helping to see patients through the continuum of care. The company provides therapy, recruiting, and consulting services to skilled nursing and outpatient facilities.

Said Steve Hemke, Chief Strategy Officer at Century Rehab, "PDPM is fully implemented across our industry. But facilities simply are not staffed to compare every aspect of therapy’s assessments to those completed by the clinical team. Automating this labor-intensive task is essential to great care and a facility’s financial health.”

Century Rehabilitation’s CEO, Tammy Tuminaro added, “This isn’t just about improving the therapy care. Patient outcomes are dependent on collecting the perspectives of interdisciplinary caregivers. Patient care plans and the associated reimbursement are optimized only when all caregiver perspectives are integrated.”

"Prime Care has deep senior care expertise and the primeVIEW platform already provided robust integration with clinical, staffing, pharma, and other data. It was a natural fit to integrate therapy data and offer our clients a single view of their patients and facilities,” said Helmke.

Said Jonathan Duvall, Senior Director of Product Management at Prime Care, "We understand the pressure nursing homes are under to provide therapy and ensure patients' progress while also facing a labor shortage." He continued, " Identifying and communicating care needs doesn’t have to be a time-consuming review of care plans and MDS data. This integration has the potential to convert two-hour meetings with therapy providers into 15-minute conversations over easy-to-compare assessments. Efficiency through technology is now essential to delivering high-quality care and receiving adequate reimbursement for this care.”

Coordinated interdisciplinary care between skilled nursing and therapy teams is the ultimate measure of success among senior caregivers in today's market. The Prime Care and Century Rehabilitation alliance empowers providers to efficiently coordinate, track, and deliver exceptional skilled nursing care.

About Prime Care Technologies

For nearly two decades, innovative senior care operators have relied on Prime Care Technologies for the integrated data and technologies they need to make real-time, performance-impacting decisions, within facilities and across communities. Our Atlanta-based operation empowers more than 7,500 facilities to leverage best-in-class technologies. The interoperability we drive across 70+ apps and 3,500+ payers within the senior care market makes Prime Care Technologies the industry-leading data warehouse. The same highly secure IT services we offer clients to support and integrate their most valuable healthcare data are available to all markets as part of our primeCLOUD managed IT services suite. Learn more at www.primecaretech.com.

About Century Rehabilitation

Century Rehabilitation provides therapy, recruiting, and consulting services to skilled nursing and outpatient facilities so they can focus on the quality care their patients deserve. Founded on the principles of “doing the right thing” each day for our facilities, patients, and employees, our goal is to be a valued partner and to help improve our clients’ financial, operational, and clinical performance so they can be leaders in compassionate care. Learn more at www.centuryrehab.com.

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