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[PR] Prime Care Partners with Connected Living on Resident Engagement

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Thu, Apr 14, 2022 @ 10:43 AM

DULUTH, GEORGIA (PRWEB) Today, Prime Care Technologies, a leading data warehouse, application provider, and IT services company in senior care, announced its partnership with Connected Living, the leading provider of enterprise content management, communication, and engagement technology for senior living communities. This relationship helps Connected Living meet increasing demand to deploy its resident engagement solutions while providing its current senior living clients with an easy-to-access helpdesk, powered by Prime Care Technologies.

Connected Living’s technology ecosystem includes a centralized content management system that allows for seamless broadcasting of community content directly to mobile apps, premium digital signage, calendars/newsletters, in-room TV, and a proprietary Alexa skill for voice technology. Prime Care Technologies will provide IT services to Connected Living’s senior living clients, including connectivity and helpdesk services.

Said Connected Living COO Gineane Haberlin, “In today's fast-paced world, support for technology products and services is essential to drive positive outcomes. Our combined service delivery with Prime Care Technologies allows us to continue to provide unique digital experiences that are backed up by unparalleled support.” She continued, “We are pleased to add Prime Care Technologies’ expertise and helpdesk support to the equation and have their help supporting the many senior living communities we serve.”

For nearly two decades, Prime Care Technologies has equipped senior care organizations, as well as businesses outside of this industry with end-to-end IT services. With more than 200 vendor partnerships, being able to bridge gaps between vendors and senior care continues to meet the demand for efficiency-driving technology.

Said Carl Mickiewicz, Prime Care Technologies CEO, “We are excited to support Connected Living in their mission to strengthen personal connections in senior communities.” He continued, “Prime Care Technologies is providing Connected Living with a reliable, scalable deployment and support model, allowing them to focus on developing great software and end-user content. We look forward to helping the communities they serve enhance technology and increase communication in meaningful ways.”

About Prime Care Technologies
For nearly two decades, innovative senior care operators have relied on Prime Care Technologies for the integrated data and technologies they need to make real-time, performance-impacting decisions, within facilities and across communities. An Atlanta-based company, more than 7,500 facilities leverage our technologies. The interoperability we drive across 70+ apps and 3,500+ payers within the senior care market makes Prime Care Technologies the industry-leading data warehouse. The same highly secure IT services we offer clients to support and integrate their most valuable healthcare data are available to all markets as part of our primeCLOUD managed IT services suite.

About Connected Living
Founded in 2007, Connected Living delivers a comprehensive product ecosystem designed specifically for the senior living and healthcare industries. Through a single centralized content management system (eCMS), the Connected Living platform allows communities to simplify staff workflow and enhance resident engagement. Connected Living’s innovative suite of technology solutions allows for swift communications to everyone in the senior living operation. Connected Living operates in more than 700 communities across the country.

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