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What Billers Should Know to Help Jumpstart 2016

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Wed, Dec 23, 2015 @ 01:48 PM

Billers 2016 ClaimsValuable highlights from 2015 blogs to prepare for 2016

Hard to believe that 2015 is rapidly passing into history. Another year, but what a year it has been for Long Term Post-Acute Providers (LTPAC) providers especially considering the incredible number of claims billers have had to prepare, submit, monitor, and manage. We congratulate billers across the country for what they have been able to accomplish in converting claims to cash in the bank.

The primeCLAIMS team works just as hard to provide an excellent clearinghouse service and also to communicate worthwhile tips and advice to help make billing tasks easier to complete. Looking back on our blogs in 2015, we have covered such topics as ICD-10, processing secondary claims, dealing with claims rejections, principles of successfully Revenue Cycle Management, tips for submitting clean claims, and what to look for in a LTPAC clearinghouse.

Regarding secondary claims, one of our recent blogs, entitled, “What you’re wasting by processing secondary claims manually,” discusses the why’s of automation. The days of manually identifying, preparing, processing, and tracking secondary payer claims is long past. If they haven’t already, we suggest billers retire such costly practices forever and start the new year right.

Managing claims does not have to be complicated we argued in the blog, “Do yourself a favor - Simplify the reimbursement process,” if billers automate the process.

Not all clearinghouses are created equal. In “How well is your claims management solution moving cash flow,” we share some insight into what a clearinghouse, processing LTPAC claims, should offer. Further, because no matter how automated the process may be, claims is still about people. And people and machines need support. In another blog, we ask the question, “Clearinghouse support – is it there when you need it?”

These blogs represent the kind of information billers and their managers should know to be successful not only in 2015, but also in 2016. We look forward to continuing to share our insights and the experiences of your peers in future blogs. After all, it just makes cents.

For your convenience, we’ve grouped the recent blogs by category:


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Happy Holidays! May this season bring you and yours joy.

Claims Process

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