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The decision-driven analytics senior living and care operators need to provide the highest quality care.

primeVIEW snf metrics
ROI Data On-Demand

Census/occupancy. Staffing/labor. Clinical. Five Star. Spending. Cash receivables.

Proactive KPI Monitoring

Length of stay. Overtime/shortages. Quality benchmarks. Clinical and financial trending.

Actionable Insights

Care oversight. Staffing to need. Hiring/training. Maintaining budget. Niche marketing.

Hi-Level, Custom Dashboards with Drilldown Detail


Census and Occupancy

"I see primeVIEW census in the hands of every level of the organization, from the president and COO down to facility admissions and business office staff – each reviewing daily."

– COO, American Healthcare


With timely census data in the hands of every level of senior living and skill nursing organizations, each staff member is empowered to proactively manage trends:

  • Admissions/discharges
  • Diagnoses
  • Average length of stay (ALOS)
  • Care levels


[Demo] customizable decisionview Dashboard

            Morning Meeting Dashboard


"PrimeVIEW allows us to drive weekly management meetings without manual data collection, and our high-risk populations are visible to the entire team."

– Director of Clinical Operations, Plantation Management


Without accurate and timely data around your skilled nursing facility (SNF) staffing, administrators spend significant time creating reports that are outdated before they finish them. This reactive decision-making can shift to proactive with primeVIEW.

  • Overtime and approaching overtime
  • Labor-to-census
  • Staffing star forecasting

[Demo] Managing Labor and Overtime in Your Facility

                       Managing Labor and Overtime

Payroll-Based Journal Reporting (PBJ)

Meeting the PBJ reporting requirements set by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare (CMS) each quarter is tedious, especially with your Five Star staffing rating on the line. With this data already in primeVIEW, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) can simplify this demand by adding our PBJ module.

  • Manual entry
  • Alerts and errors
  • Contract labor
  • File download
  • Approvals

Staffing Star Prediction Based on PBJ, Acuity and Census


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Discover the easy way to monitor KPIs

With reporting, customizable alerts, and mobile access – it's easy to proactively impact outcomes.

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Revenue and Collection

Senior care executives and administrators don’t have to wait on manual reports for decision-making intel. PrimeVIEW puts financial analytics right at their fingertips.

  • Revenue trending
  • Accounts Receivable (AR) aging
  • Outstanding accounts
  • Bad debt allowance
  • Days sales outstanding (DSO) details

"primeVIEW helped reveal AR issues. AR could immediately see where they were with outstanding debt, collections and required follow-up activities – plus, they were able to staff those needs properly."

— IT Director, Plum Healthcare


Collect More, Spend Less

By the time profit and loss statements are ready,  they are a month or so old. This is where primeVIEW really shines -- by providing the financial analytics senior living and skilled nursing facilities need to monitor and proactively shift with industry and payment trends.

[DEMO] Monitoring Collections and Costs

Collect More Spend Less



Clinical and Five Star

Tracking quality of care is not optional in the skilled nursing industry. With a population's electronic health record (EHR) details integrated into one place, along with labor and census, it's easier to see room for improvements.

  • Case-mix group (CMG)
  • PDPM vs. RUG
  • Five Star forecasting
  • Quality measures
  • Comparison to local competitors
  • COVID-19 vaccination and patient tracking

Be the Data-Driven Administrator

Senior care administrators have the power to flag incidents and trends that pop right up on their mobile devices, wherever they are throughout the day.

[DEMO] Tracking Clinical, Including COVID-19

COVID-19 and Clinical Tracking


Know Exactly Where Five-Star Stands

PrimeVIEW is updated monthly with the CMS calculations used to determine Five Store scoring. Careful analysis of this data allows skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) to improve this score, or simply maintain it more cost-effectively.

[DEMO] Managing Five Star in primeVIEW

Managing Five Star in primeVIEW


Executives and administrators don’t have to wait for the intel they need. It’s right at their fingertips.
Reduced days sales outstanding (DSO) by 10 days.
[10 Locations]
We were always looking through the rearview mirror.
Brought 71% of buildings with overtime overages to goal within 3 months.
[15+ Locations]
We can analyze ACTUAL labor to budgeted labor PPD using our ACTUAL census.
HSMG Faux Logo
Reduced nursing overtime by 3%.
[10+ Locations]
PrimeVIEW integrates 90% of the information necessary to properly run and manage a SNF.
Improved their bottom line.
[50+ Locations]
Once we saw primeVIEW retrieving data from our existing clinical, HR, analytics, and labor management applications, in practically real-time, we were just bowled over.
Cut operating costs and reduced expenses.
[10+ Locations]
"With PrimeVIEW, even though my familiarity is in its infancy, I can see it is very logical and has more than enough data to help the end-user as a powerful tool for our business."
Accura-Healthcare (002)
44 Locations
PrimeVIEW gives me easy access to detailed and timely information to do my job overall. Two metrics are key to pandemic recovery and rebuild – labor and census. With this data, I can work with others to push our measures in the right direction!
Has significantly enhanced the communications process
21 Locations
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