64% of Medicaid enrollees are unaware of the decision for redeterminations this spring!

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 disengages with the Medicaid continuous enrollment provision.  The termination of the provision is planned to start on April 1, 2023, and the states will then begin Medicaid disenrollment. Over half of the applicants have yet to be included in the loop. This is due to many factors, including lack of updated information, language barriers, and accessing information in needed formats, to name a few. Not enough people are receiving the data and will be disenrolled from having Medicaid. “The risk is that if the message is not delivered loudly and often, millions of people will simply lose coverage.” (Marissa Plescia, www.medcitynews.com)

The U.S.  Department of Health and Human Services has predicted that about 15 million people nationwide could lose coverage when this happens! The 15 million may include your aunt, friend's grandmother, neighbor's sister, or anyone you might know.

According to CMS, states must develop operational plans for implementing the process.  The Georgetown University Health Policy Institute has provided a tracking map. The tracker shows that 41 states have a public plan. 

What is being done?

  • Planned State Actions
  • Streamlined renewal processes.
  • Outreach through community health centers

What can you do?

  • Update your contact information. 
  • Check your mail.
  • Complete your renewal form. 

In the meantime, try to stay in the know and watch what your state might be doing next. Look at the tracking map and see who else you can inform. With Spring quickly approaching, time is of the essence and can’t be wasted! Start talking and informing your loved ones.