In a press release today, Prime Care Technologies, Inc. announced enhancements to Managed Care MASTER, the application that syncs patient care with payer contracts to optimize reimbursement. The new functionality empowers providers with improved assessment capabilities for PDPM reimbursement as well as physician certification compliance.

The PDPM Grouper Tool and HIPPS Calculator within Managed Care MASTER work together to better assess and predict PDPM revenue at pre-admission. Once the PDPM Grouper Tool identifies the HIPPS code for a resident, the HIPPS Calculator then estimates revenue for the patient stay.

Also added to Managed Care MASTER, the Physician Certification feature alerts providers of required initial physician certification/recertification per The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) timelines. Operators can upload the signed forms to the application for easier compliance.

“Now that all Medicare beneficiaries have moved from RUG to PDPM billing, we’ve updated Managed Care MASTER to help predict PDPM revenue – a giant stride for operators in their initial assessments,” noted Cheryl Field, Chief Product Officer. “Our two PDPM tools work together so operators can visualize the per diem rate over time and make better decisions on admission.”

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