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Next-generation contract and case management for SNFs.

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Online contract data and case management workflows to maximize your revenue.


The Challenges

Complex Contracts

Multiple contracts. Different rules. Limitations. Exclusions.

Manual Process

Tracking dates, authorizations, appeals. Concurrent patient updates.

Revenue Loss

Pinpointing where the loss of revenue is happening.

Your Solution

Meet managed care MASTER.





Optimize Your Managed Care

Learn how managed care MASTER can help optimize your revenue by guiding your case management based on contract terms.



Web-Based Contract Portal

Convert paper and binders into convenient online access. managed care MASTER breaks your complex contracts down into measurable pieces, integrating your resident population with payers and contractual limitations.

  • All managed care contracts online
  • Quick-reference contract summaries/PDFs
  • Contract renewal alerts

contract-specific care levels



Pre-Admission Cost Out

Visualize revenue at pre-admission with level of care mapping and PDPM predictive tools built into managed care MASTER.

  • Fixed costs and pharmacy pricing
  • Custom and dynamic cost out template
  • PDPM grouper and HIPPS estimate
  • Estimated profit margin

pre-admission cost out



Case Management Workflow

Best practices in case management are built into this app to guide staff in properly managing skilled care stays. Say goodbye to paper; complete patient updates in real-time, as a team.

  • Track authorization end dates
  • Complete concurrent reviews online
  • Utilize payer-specific patient update forms
  • Manage when updates are due to the payer

easy drop-down Case Workflow


"With web-based data at our fingertips, we process updates during our morning meetings, which can save us up to 30 minutes per update."

– Managed Care VP, Symphony Post-Acute Network

Call-to-Action Alerts

Acting as an automated gatekeeper, our system provides calls-to-action for your staff and delivers actionable steps for resolution.

  • Exclusions and carve-outs
  • Level-of-care notifications
  • High-cost medications
  • Authorization reminders

"Real-time alerts prompt case managers to request higher levels of care. In most cases, we receive authorizations for increased levels, which help our revenue."


KPI Dashboard and Reports

Decision-makers can customize dashboard views to monitor performance and outcomes daily and in near real-time.

  • Dollars at risk
  • Census by payer
  • Therapy provided vs. contract limits
  • Unresolved alerts
  • Denials and appeals
Our update process is so much quicker and easier. We no longer pass paper updates from department to department. Or, send endless reminder emails and handwritten updates to external case managers.
Increased average daily revenue $100/day with therapy alerts.
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Capture the Reimbursement You've Been Missing

Find out how Symphony Post Acute Network increased revenue $1,200/stay with managed care MASTER.

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