Server, Desktop and Application Virtualization

High performance, high availability, high security, substantially lower costs

Desktop, server, application virtualizationIn partnership with Citrix, Prime Care Technologies helps you to fulfill your mission to deliver applications efficiently and cost effectively. With Citrix Delivery Center, you can manage a single image of applications, desktops, and servers. You enjoy the benefits of accelerated application rollouts and reduced IT operating costs by as much as 50%.

Because Citrix Delivery Center integrates optimization with application, desktop, and server virtualization, you can:

  • Simplify IT with centralized management applications and desktops significantly reducing IT TCO
  • Optimize delivery securely across locations, users, and devices to provide the best user experience possible
  • Respond quickly to the dynamics of your changing business with a single, efficient IT infrastructure

Citrix Delivery Center Benefits

  • Reduced operating costs up to 50%
  • Lower infrastructure costs
  • Quicker response to changing business requirement
  • Increased productivity through easy application access on and offline
  • Built-in security

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