Dedicated Managed Hosting and Cloud-based Computing Services

managed hosting, applicant tracking, procurement automation, claims automation, cloud-based servicesExecutives need information now!

Like you, they know that data converted into information and translated into knowledge is power - the power to compete, to succeed, and to win. However, executives often don't have access to the IT infrastructure needed to capture the information they need when they need it where they need it. Get a new perspective and leverage the power and flexibility of cloud-based computing.

Dedicated managed hosting and cloud computing. It's high availability. It's private. It's secure.

It's time to think of IT in a different way. You buy power from the electric company or voice communications from the phone company. Each works to provide you with a reliable, stable utility. Shouldn't IT operate the same way?

PCT's cloud-based computing and managed hosting services function as a utility, a private utility dedicated to your business. As others have done, now you can buy dependable, secure computing power from Prime Care Technologies. By doing so, you can dramatically reduce IT-related capital outlays and convert fluctuating IT expenditures into predictable monthly fees, and save money as well. Budgeting is easy and financial goals are achievable. There are no hidden fees. Without investing in a new infrastructure and related training and licensing expense, your IT resources can grow with you easily, transparently, because it's quick and easy to deploy.

Now that makes good business sense, doesn't it.

Prime Care Technologies - translating innovation into value for you

Prime Care Technologies is one of the fastest-growing Cloud Services Providers (CSP) of comprehensive cloud-based computing and managed hosting services in the country. We understand your business and how the cloud fits your needs. We've worked with Health Care providers, including, skilled nursing, assisted living, physician practices, home health, and hospice care; Fortune 1000 companies in retail, finance, manufacturing, and telecommunications; and the Public Sector, including public education and local government.

High Availability

Leveraging the Internet's "cloud" and the power and flexibility of virtualized resources housed in its 376,000 sq. ft. data center, Prime Care Technologies (PCT) delivers real-time information and IT services to its clients when they need it, where they need it, without complications. With PCT you don't have to buy, build, provision, staff, maintain, support, and upgrade your own IT system. We do any or all of that for you - transparently. A high-speed Internet connection from anywhere is all that is required to readily and securely tap into your applications and data. Access your clinical, billing, financial, accounting, payroll, human resources, time & attendance, and office productivity software applications anytime from anywhere. Using dedicated hardware, PCT is able to segregate your data on separate servers and virtual machines (VMs). You can maximize security and high availability by leveraging PCT's state-of-the-art technology and SAS-70 certified data center, redundant communications and power systems, and a commitment to complete customer satisfaction. PCT offers the hardware, virtualization technology, technical expertise, and support to keep your dedicated cloud up and running 24 x 7 x 365.


As a managed hosting and cloud computing services provider, we fully manage your dedicated environment, including server hardware, hypervisor, and guest operating systems. Utilizing virtualization technology, we load your business applications into VMs and dynamically assign resources as needed.

PCT has the in-house expertise and experience as well as IT industry partners, including ISVs, virtualization, networking, and storage technologies partners, to provide you with the best private cloud-based services available.


SSAE 16 Type II audiutedWe protect your data in transit, at rest, and in use according to your requirements, including system back-ups, hypervisor back-ups, redundant servers, disaster recovery and business continuity best practices, industry leading DLP software, and a Service Level Agreement consistent with your business needs. With PCT you take no risks; you control accessibility rights and privileges to your data and applications. With PCT, you get the best of both worlds - regulatory compliance and the power of cloud computing. It's security you can trust, reliability you can count on.