Data Center Infrastructure and Systems

Suwannee Data Center resized 600PCT's data center is housed in a SSAE 16-certified data center in Suwanee, GA. This data center represents the latest in cutting-edge technology and construction, including:


  • Tilt-up concrete structure with reinforced steel
  • Dual reinforced roof
  • Dual reinforced roof - high velocity wind rating

Communications - Carriers, Carrier Services, Internal Cabling Data Center infrastructure and systems

  • Diverse SONet Fiber access from Deltacom, Time Warner Telecom, Atlanta Gas Light Networks and AT&T
  • Internet access from InterNap and ITC^DeltaCom, providing peering with more than 10 Tier-I Backbones
  • From low speed 56kbps to optical carrier level servicesCopper or fiber access to carrier bandwidth using cable management trays throughout building

Power - Generated Power, Critical Power, Fuel, Power Cabling

  • Under ground, encased in concrete from the substation to the sit

    • Three world-class UPS systems with a total of 25 MW of UPS power for the facility
      Essential (UPS) Power - Six 1800 KVA Hitec rotary constant power units supply up to 7.2 MW of power to the data floor with one unit redundant
    • Six 2250 KW Caterpillar generators backup a 10 MW Active Power UPS system with one redundant 1 MW UPS module and one redundant 2250 KW Cat generator, all without the need for batteries.
    • 8MW Liebert N+1 UPS Systems
  • Six 2 MW Caterpillar generators backup critical systems such as chiller plant, data floor lighting, and office space
  • 84,000 gallons capacity of diesel fuel on site w/ refueling contracts.
  • 48-72 hours at maximum load
  • All power cabling below floors is installed in either conduit or sealtight flexible conduit with approved connectors to all equipment.

All Systems

  • Supported by 24/7/365 computer monitoring and facility engineers

Cooling - Air Handling, Air Quality, Water Detection

  • N+1 Chiller plant
  • Over 200-30 ton Lieberts provide air flow to over176,000 sq. ft. of raised floor space
  • Redundant piping systems for chilled fluid
  • Generator backup for cooling system is provide by six 2.0mw generators
  • Air temperature above floor is maintained at 70° ± 5° with humidity at 50% ± 5%
  • Leak detection under all raised floor
  • Drains to remove any water from under the floor

Fire Protection - Smoke & Heat Detection, VESDA, Multi-State Protection,

  • Smoke sensors above and below raised floor
  • The world's leading air sampling smoke detection system with the earliest possible warning of a potential fire event by detecting smoke particles at the incipient (first) stage of fire
  • Pre-action dry pipe system requires alert from two sensors, which activates pipe fill and a final stage when the temperature exceeds thresholds
  • FM200 Fire Suppression used in Transport and selected areas

Physical Security - Entrances, Security Guards, Closed-circuit Video

  • All building entrances require card key access
  • Data Center floor and secured areas require card key and two-factor biometric authentication (finger print and iris scan)
  • Guards on site 24/7/365
  • Active patrols both inside and outside the facility
  • Over 70 cameras cover inside and exterior of building, all entrances, alternate workspace, and data center floor

Facility Monitoring - Facility Engineers, Power Management, Environment Management

  • Facility engineers on site and available by pager
  • Engineers trained to control and maintain all critical facility components
  • Critical power systems are monitored and controlled by Square-D, an automated management system
  • Data Center Air temperature and humidity monitored and controlled by Trane Tracer Summit System
  • Fire Detection and Suppression managed by Cheetah Systems in tandem with VESDA