PCT's middleware system provides the necessary functions to easily configure and maintain interoperability and mapping definitions without additional programming requirements.

MWaaS Middleware

Dynamic, flexible, accommodating and easy to use

Designed with an emphasis on electronic data interchange (EDI) processing, PCT’s middleware is a fully featured electronic clearinghouse and warehousing system which can be utilized for almost any application solution. It is dynamic and flexible and can accommodate a wide range of administrative tasks. The screens are easy to navigate allowing even a novice user to quickly, easily, and confidently make system changes. It can be configured for use as a single customer system or as a multiple-customer environment, such as a service bureau, in order to track and process data by department or end-user. Without any additional programming, all of the functions are user-configurable and can be readily implemented. The open architecture of the system allows for custom modules to be easily deployed when necessary along with seamless interfaces available for all of the leading relational database management systems.

PCT’s middleware reduces costs

EDI is a complex set of business standards and computer technologies designed to automate the process of sending and receiving routine business documents between trading partners. A wide range of document types can be transmitted in an electronic data format, resulting in lowered costs and streamlined operations for companies that implement these types of systems. Using an innovative and simplistic approach, PCT’s middleware system provides the tools for performing complex EDI functions and the related data management activities. The strength of the system is its ability to accept transactional input in any format and generate output in any format without writing custom programs.  The work flow management features are completely rules-based configurations and include such functions as format identification, data validation, data translation, reporting, data warehousing, file management, and routing. Operational controls provide for process management, queue management, scheduling, event processing, load balancing, problem resolution, auditing, and diagnostic messages.

Readily supportable, scalable, and adaptable

PCT’s middleware system will deploy over 600 platforms, without recompiling. All of the software is developed and maintained with a single source code set.  We can support all customers regardless of what operating system or release level they are on. The scope of an application can be scaled from a single PC-based Windows system to a large networked server environment utilizing any combination of hardware and operating systems that are supported. The PCT middleware system can strategically distribute application processing between the client and the server. Local and remote file access is supported within the same configuration.