IT Asset and Desktop Management

System-wide IT Asset discovery, security, and savings

The growing need for IT Asset and Desktop Management - Integrating personal productivity devices, such as desktops and laptops, and the data they generate and retrieve has contributed to a wealth of information and...risks. If businesses are unable to monitor and manage these assets, they run a considerable risk of non-compliance and potentially fatally damaging their operations.

Businesses like yours are exposed to risk through:

    • Software (managing software licenses) - due to audits (i.e., Adobe or Microsoft) with penalties in excess of $100K and loss of positive PR.
    • Hardware (asset inventory, operational status, and security) - due to the lack of controls to ensure data security, hardware uptime, and cost control
    • Email - due to unauthorized internal and external email access, emails sent to the wrong recipients, and/or exposure caused by ill-defined retention practices
    • Business-critical and EPHI files and folders - due to unauthorized internal and external access; changing, deletion, and/or loss of critical files; and unsecured USB and CDRW drives

What are the risks?

    • Loss of critical information
    • Fines and penalties for non-compliance
    • Disruption in business
    • Unnecessary costs associated with the research and recovery of lost data
    • Lost inventory or the presence of rogue devices 
    • Unnecessary repairs or repairs not addressed
    • Misplaced emails and files getting into the wrong hands
    • Exposure to and during law suits
    • Network latency and unstable circuits
    • Poor public relations

Specifically, your business needs to address:

    • Software distribution
    • OS imaging and migration
    • IT hardware management, e.g., equipment location and status, how each is used and by whom, asset lifecycle defining asset retention/retirement and other policies
    • Troubleshooting, e.g., remote control/problem resolution
    • Software license compliance
    • Compliance with regulatory requirements
    • Solid security with proactive system monitoring and distribution of appropriate updates
    • The protection of business-critical and EPHI data from hard drive failures
    • Virus attacks
    • User error

Along with its robust Data Leak Prevention solutions, PCT offers you a dynamic, on-demand, easy-to-set up and administer Desktop and IT Asset Management Solution which includes:

    • Asset Management: Automatically discovers all IP-based assets in your network which enables the organization, management, and reporting of these assets.
    • Virus Protection: Automatically interrogates all desktop and laptop systems - local or remote - to determine the status of their virus definitions.
    • Online Data Backup: Performs off-site backup of all sensitive corporate data from all desktop and laptop systems - local or remote. Quickly and easily interrogates all systems to determine their backup status. Jumpstarts backups as needed for any machine found outside of compliance with company or regulatory standards.
    • Software Distribution and Compliance: Quickly and easily interrogates all desktop and laptop systems - local or remote - to determine the software loaded on each system. Automatically distributes new software updates as required. Monitors all machines for compliance to corporate and regulatory guidelines.
    • Patch Management: Quickly and easily interrogates all desktop and laptop systems - local or remote - to determine their software patch status. Automatically distributes patches to those machines that are not in compliance. Reports patch compliance levels on an immediate and continuous basis.
    • Remote Access/Support: Enables IT help desk personnel to establish protected remote logins to diagnose and repair end-user system problems.