Revenue Cycle Consulting Services - People Working with People

Prime Care Technologies offers Revenue Cycle Consulting Revenue cycle consulting for long term careServices to Long Term Care providers nationwide. Combined with our Cloud-based computing services, PCT has the experience, expertise, and technologies to help you collect the cash you’ve earned efficiently and timely. Our consultants are expert in:

  • Central Billing and A/R Management
  • Revenue Cycle Management          
  • Business Analysis
  • Problem Solving and Resolution
  • Customer Service and Relations
  • Process Development and Policy Design
  • Process Standardization
  • Project Management
  • Team Building
  • Getting Results

Audit, Review and A/R Reduction Services

With over 40 years of accumulated experience in long term care billing and accounts receivable, our expert Billing and A/R Consultants can deliver tangible results in:

  • Reducing A/R,
  • Decreasing DSO,
  • Cutting costs, and
  • Helping your team institute effective and time-saving policies and procedures.

You and your team benefit from our professional consultative approach to:

  • Discerning problems and/or needs
  • Identifying root causes
  • Proposing end-to-end solutions, and
  • Moving plans forward into action, and successful completion.

Further, our consulting team possesses exceptional technology knowledge that includes recommending functional system modifications and supporting/training users in sophisticated accounting, billing, and collections applications.

Assess Staff Skills and Knowledge to Identify Training Needs

Undertrained staff can result in wasted hours and related dollars. We conduct a thorough and accurate assessment of billing staff – their skills, knowledge, and experience.

Audit Processes to Policy and Procedures to Insure Compliance

Because we believe that demonstrated understanding leads to compliance, we provide thorough process training in conjunction with your P&P.

Staff Training in All Areas of the Long Term Care Revenue Cycle

As experienced trainers, we deliver the information and documentation your staff requires to succeed from Admissions through Month-End Close.