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Prime Care Technologies Corporate Brochure

Discover how you can have the right information, to make the right decisions, right now…at your fingertips.

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50 Ways to Leverage Data Brochure

50 Ways to Leverage Your Post-Acute Data

Get 50 best practices for mining and integrating your long-term, post-acute data to affect:

  • Care delivery
  • Procurement 
  • Human capital
  • Managed care
  • Bundling
  • Risk



primeCLAIMS Brochure

Discover how to get paid up to 50-60% faster on secondary claims and 50-75% faster on primary claims.

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5 Tips for Maintaining Claims Revenue

Stay on top of potential impacts to your long-term care revenue and make sure your claims centers are reimbursed for services – accurately and on time.

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Claims Clearinghouse Quiz

Use this one-sheet assessment to see how your claims clearinghouse stacks up in the industry.




Ensign Services Case Study

Ensign Services speeds claims turnaround up to 35-50% and collects revenues sooner with primeCLAIMS.

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Southern Healthcare Case Study

Southern Healthcare Management reduces claims turnaround time, accelerates cash, reduces training time, and increases office staff satisfaction.

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WyndRidge Case Study

WyndRidge reduced claims turnaround time, caught errors upfront and has better control over secondary claims processing with primeCLAIMS.



Secondary Claims Calculator

In three easy steps, you can calculate your potential secondary/coinsurance revenue, as well as the staff/cost required to collect it.

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primeVIEW Brochure

Eliminate having to rely on dozens of reports out of different systems to make decisions. Roll them up into one dashboard.

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primeVIEW PBJ Reporting Brochure

Use primeVIEW's PBJ reporting platform to effortlessly compile and submit staffing and census data in time for the first CMS due date in 3Q 2016. 

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11 Ways Business Intelligence Improves the Bottom Line

Transform the way decisions are made in your organization with business intelligence. 

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American HealthCare Case Study

American HealthCare uses primeVIEW to reduce overtime, boost census and improve cash flow.

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Avalon Health Care Case Study

Avalon Health Care drives decisions, cuts overtime and boosts quality with primeVIEW data.

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Frontline Management Case Study

Frontline Management uses the primeVIEW dashboard to know what's happening on a daily basis in each of their buildings, allowing them to proactively address challenges as they arise.

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Health Services Management Case Study

Health Services Management uses primeVIEW to manage its facilities, especially labor spend.

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HCM Case Study 

HCM drives quality, lowers cost and improves cash flow with primeVIEW business intelligence.

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Business Intelligence Quiz

Find out how empowered you are to make the right decisions with the right intel – right when you need it.

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primeFORCE Brochure

Save time and money by managing your talent management universe in one place.

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primeFORCE Healthline ebrochure

Keep staff healthy and productive, while meeting government insurance mandates with Healthline – 24/7 access to doctors/nurses and prescriptions with no consulting fees. 

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primeCLOUD Brochure

Explore dependable and scalable cloud-based healthcare IT solutions.

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primeCONNECT Brochure

Reduce cost and improve patient outcomes by integrating healthcare data enterprise-wide…and beyond.

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Buyers eBrochure

primeCOMMERCE Brochure for Buyers

Discover how to save up to 9.4% on non-labor spend.

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primeCOMMERCE Brochure for Sellers

Explore how to drive profitability on every transaction.

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