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Customer Success Training

Join primeVIEW experts for bi-monthly training on our powerful analytics dashboard for senior care.

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Leverage primeVIEW’s Five Star Forecasting
Wed, Jan 26, 2 PM ET

The Accuracy and Ease of primeVIEW PBJ Reporting
Wed, Feb 2, 2 PM ET
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Refresh Your Knowledge of primeVIEW's Robust Capabilities
Wed, Feb 23, 2 PM ET
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Our Facilitators


Jonathan Duvall

Sr Director, primeVIEW Management

Tara Vantroost

Manager, PrimeVIEW Customer Experience

Caitlin Cash

primeVIEW Support Specialist

Webinar Topics

If there's something missing in our regular rotation, send us an email to let us know what else we can show you.

Once Each Even Month
primeVIEW Capabilities Review
In this 60-minute session, you'll see how to monitor census and occupancy; labor and overtime; acuity-based staffing; aging and outstanding accounts; and Five Star forecasting
Twice Each Odd Month
Feature-Specific Sessions
These 30-minute sessions will cover specific functionality, rotating through the topics below.
Clinical Trending
See how our clinical dashboard can work to your advantage – daily, weekly, and monthly.
Staffing Star Forecasting
With the start of each CMS quarter, your chance to make an impact begins. Find out how you can advance your facility to the next staffing star.
PBJ Reporting
PBJ reporting doesn't have to be a headache. See how easy it is to review alerts/errors, make edits and ensure data is submission-ready.
Financial Trending
Learn how to project your month-end revenue, monitor aging and outstanding accounts, review bad debt, and email key reports to your team
Labor Trending
Learn how to manage staff to budget, monitor your overtime, and track PPD labor
User Admin
Learn how to manage user accounts, upload/edit budgets, update pay/job mappings, and create new facility groups

We Can Help

Each session includes live Q&A after and is recorded for those who can't join live.


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