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Spotlight on March's Business Intelligence Blogs

By Prime Care Tech Marketing on Tue, Mar 29, 2016 @ 12:00 PM

Business-Intelligence-Spotlight-320x221.jpgIn this month’s BI-focused blog postings, we explored the process of decision making, PBJ compliance reporting automation, using BI to help providers beneficially get the attention of ACOs, and, along that same line, establishing and strengthening relationships with key referral sources.

Data-driven decisions – an art and a science?

With the right information, you, the provider, can make the right decisions, right now! But even if the information is right, timely, relevant, and rendered actionable, making “the right decision” is a skill. But is decision making an art or a science? And what role does BI play? Read on.

It’s about time - Providers should automate PBJ reporting

Like it or not, Payroll-based Journal reporting is just around the corner and will become a routine requirement for all SNF providers. And it comes with a kick in CY 2017 – a Five Star Rating kick. How can automation expedite the monitoring and reporting process? Find out.

How Business Intelligence can help execs stand out in an ACO crowd

In our recent blogs, we’ve highlighted how Business Intelligence (BI) can help providers more effectively tell their stories to stakeholders, investors, and referral sources. However, providers have another key audience to whom they could effectively present data-driven demonstrations of value and quality – ACOs. Learn more.

Business Intelligence can help demonstrate value to referral sources

As the reimbursement world changes from fee-for-service to pay-for-performance models, demonstrating value is key. To be able to effectively demonstrate value compliant with payment model expectations, providers need to be able to know how well their facilities are performing today. The technology needed to effectively identify and communicate such value is available through BI. Discover how.


Are you able to make the right decisions with the right intel when you need it?


Topics: ACOs, Using Business Intelligence, decision making, PBJ, data-driven decisions, data-driven information, payroll-based journal reporting

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