Here a tool, everywhere a tool.

The challenge lies in managing an inordinate amount of detail – and if you’re using multiple tools, you’re probably spending more than you should on labor to chase spreadsheets…and cash.


Get Paid Faster

Up to 50-60% faster on secondary claims | Up to 50-75% faster on primary claims

Save time and labor costs with a single system.

Staying on top of revenue is easier than ever when Medicare claims management is streamlined in a single system. Define enterprise-level security roles and enable a CFO to see all locations, office managers to see one location, and other roles as needed.  

Network Service Vendor (NSV)

  • Eliminate the need for NSV contracts.
  • Leverage our NSV partner and access all Medicare payors.

Direct Data Entry (DDE) within portal

  • Gain direct DDE access in one web portal.
  • Open multiple DDE tabs to connect to different MACs simultaneously.

Claims in Process (CLIP)

  • Eliminate labor and spreadsheets: instantly see $ CMS will pay across facilities.
  • Instantly see returned to provider (RTP) and additional documentation requirements (ADRs).

HIPAA Eligibility Transaction System (HETS)

The Bottom Line:

Significantly reduce labor costs, enjoy new levels of productivity, and improve collaboration across all levels your organization.


What's the ROI?

Moving the revenue needle with secondary claims - but how? Let's run the numbers