Hunting for Money May be Costing You Big

To make sure you get paid, your staff spends a ton of time digging for eligibility information in multiple systems for Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial payors. Logging into several systems drains productivity. Also, checking eligibility one by one is tedious.


Get Paid Faster

Up to 50-60% faster on secondary claims | Up to 50-75% faster on primary claims

One System, Total Access

With primeCLAIMS, staff can check eligibility for individuals and groups—for all payers—in a single system. Automated batch eligibility checks every month save time, and confirm when payers change.

Create Security

  • Control access.
  • Define Roles.
  • Choose who makes requests.
  • Choose who sees results.

Reduce Labor Costs

  •  See eligibility for individuals in real-time.
  •  See eligibility in batches.
  •  Mine results.
  •  Easily create reports.

Integrate and Automate

  •  Connect your billing system.
  •  Streamline batch results.
  •  Run reports and analyze.

The Bottom Line:

Save time with a single clearing house. With over 3000 payer connections for claims and 400+ real-time eligibility connections, getting paid has never been easier.


What's the ROI?

Moving the revenue needle with secondary claims - but how? Let's run the numbers.