Procurement Partners

For Buyers

You Worked Hard To Select Contracts and Partners

Is every location taking advantage of every benefit of your purchasing program? 

1 In 10 Invoices Typically Have Issues

The challenge lies in contract line item details, making it mission critical to follow up on every last one. Yet few are staffed to do that, and the cost of errors and over-charges can add up…fast.

Put Control Behind Your Business Rules

Your primeCOMMERCE, powered by Procurement Partners, watches over every line item—automatically.

How about double digit savings?

Tap into experts who know where to find money FOUR WAYS.

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Savings across clients: up to 9.4% on non-labor spend

Cut costs

  • Avoid late fees.
  • Capitalize on incentives.
  • Track items not received or damaged.
  • Reconcile invoices with contracts.


  • Connect only to approved vendors.
  • Comply with contracted items.
  • Enforce business rules.
  • Present in one portal.
  • Gain global visibility.

Gain Efficiencies

  • Automate invoice processing, including AP imports.
  • Setup approval workflows.
  • Streamline allocations.
  • Re-deploy office staff.

Ready for double digit savings?

These procurement professionals know where to find it four ways. Learn more >>>

The Bottom Line:

Buy only the right supplies and services at the right price. Gain flexibility and control to manage your program.

For Sellers

Margin Killers

Doing business with complex enterprise buyers is a huge challenge.  Labor-intensive back office processes like customized pricing, special purchase order formats and approvals as well as unique invoicing workflows – can quickly erode margins.

Automate and Accelerate

With primeCOMMERCE, powered by Procurement Partners, managing your customers is easier because you no longer have to touch orders and other transactions.  We map to your formats, vs. forcing you to meet a spec – reducing time and costs as you integrate once, resulting in access to an entire buyer community. 

Drive Profitability on Every Transaction

Cut costs

  • Present products in a single portal. 
  • Customize business logic.


  • Maintain one catalog and different price levels.
  • Communicate centrally.
  • Report on trends.


  • Digitize POs, invoices, and credit processing.


  • Control access.
  • Integrate into your enterprise system.

The Bottom Line:

Preserve profits and free up resources to focus on winning more deals.

The Lastest News

  • Are we spending too much on supplies and people to manage processes and contracts?” 

    - VP of Purchasing
  • “Why are we paying shipping with that vendor when we shouldn’t be?”

    - Controller
  • “Where are we spending and should not be spending, and is it allocated properly?”

    - CFO
  • “Is poor purchasing performance creating risks and penalty fees?”

    - CFO