As we look toward 2023, it is important to look closely at the top cybersecurity trends. Keeping your operations secure protects your company and reputation as a trusted care and service provider. According to Forbes Magazine, Gartner analysts predict that 43 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be connected in 2023. Wearable health monitors and smart home security systems fall into this category.

With more connected devices, cybersecurity needs to be a priority for businesses especially as we enter another year of work-from-home employees sharing data across multiple devices. As devices and networking increase, so do potential points of entry for attackers.

Protecting electronic information and assets is particularly important for the healthcare industry. Here is our list of the top ways to keep your business secure.

  1. Password Manager - Encrypted 
  2. Multi-Factor Authentication 
  3. VPN use 
  4. Back up files to a Cloud
  5. Building a security-aware culture

Protecting your information begins with password management software. According to Security Magazine, the average business user has 191 online passwords. A non-business internet user has around 23. To protect yourself from security threats, explore tools designed to organize and protect your passwords across all websites and devices. 

As users access your resources and data, they require two forms of identification. This is known as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which effectively adds an extra layer of security.

In 2023, VPNs will be an increasingly important part of your cyber security landscape. VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network,” and it ensures you access the Internet via a server protected by a trusted IT vendor. This means your connection will pass through a VPN server, so it is encrypted, and your IP address is hidden before it gets to your internet service provider (ISP). This service is very beneficial when using public wi-fi as hackers, and criminals often use public servers to access personal information.

VPNs can also be applied at home for added security and privacy. For businesses and organizations, especially ones utilizing remote workers, a VPN for those using a company computer, or accessing company networks is a must. It ensures your employees use a secure connection to work no matter what wi-fi server they are on.

A fundamental part of security is knowing where to store the data you want to protect. In today's cyber landscape you have many options for file storage and backup.

The classic tried, and true backup method uses hardware such as a flash drive. An external hard drive can be used for many files requiring storage or protection.

If your data is shared with multiple parties, Dropbox or Google Docs might be options. However, in 2023, the best approach to secure data backup for businesses is using a secure cloud-based server. Your business likely has far too much information to store on a flash drive or even an external hard drive, and services like Google Docs and Dropbox are not optimized for the security a business needs.

Information stored on a cloud server is accessible across many different devices, which works well for organizations or businesses. Cloud backup is continuous and automatic, making new files and updates very accessible to anyone who needs it.

Last, but certainly not least, the most efficient way to protect a business or household from bad actors on the Internet is by creating and fostering a culture of security, applicable to anyone who may come into contact with sensitive material or use devices associated with said material.

Cyber security has expanded from solely an IT department concern to one that must be addressed and understood by all employees, regardless of technical skill. Providing education about the types of attacks one might incur while browsing or emailing, as well as the steps to mitigate them will keep you the most secure in the long run. Just remember, the first defense is education.

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