Managed Care MASTER

Optimize Managed Care Revenue

Manage multiple payer contracts through integration.

Maximize your staff's time and efficiency through best practice case management.

Optimize revenue without adding strain to the delivery of cost-effective care.

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Next-Generation Case Management Software 

> Automation integrates payers and population.

> Single login streamlines case management across multiple payers.

> Real-time case updates reduce skilled staff redundancy.

>  Efficiency increases staff effectiveness and job satisfaction.

> Executive-level reporting offers enterprise-wide visibility.

One Solution from Pre-Admission to Collection

Contract Integration

Easy access to all contracts enable you to better capture the appropriate level reimbursement and maximize the use of skilled staff.

Patient Stay Data

With a central console and built-in best practices, you and your workforce are perfectly organized for efficient case management.

Level of Care Alerts

Acting as an automated gatekeeper, our alert system helps you prioritize calls-to-action and confirm completion.

Case Management Tools

Best practices in case management are built into this app to guide staff in properly managing skilled care stays.

Documentation and Tracking

Staff can easily meet requirements driven by leaders or external case managers using tracking capabilities.

Customizable KPI Dashboard

Decision-makers can customize views and monitor daily performance and outcomes in near real-time.

The Bottom Line:

Managed Care MASTER offers a simple solution for meeting the complex requirements of your care contracts.